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Other Cisco partners are seeing big returns with Empower EA—you can, too

Empower EA lets you sell Cisco EAs without a certification leveraging Ingram Micro’s expertise

July 27, 2022

Other Cisco partners are seeing big returns with Empower EA—you can, too
Selling Enterprise Agreements (EAs) has become a gamechanger for Cisco partners, providing cost savings and a reduced operational overhead compared to managing traditional software licenses. Plus, EAs have 3- or 5-year terms, helping facilitate longer-term customer relationships.
The challenge, however, is that selling EAs requires advanced certification, which requires an investment in training—and possibly hiring additional staff—which isn’t always practical.
Ingram Micro and Cisco came up with a more viable option: Empower EA. Through this program, partners can sell any Cisco EA, even without certification, for a small uplift fee built into the sale (i.e., no out-of-pocket expenses).
What partners are saying about Empower EA

Info Solutions is an IT management and consultant company headquartered in Wilmington, Del, that’s been in business for more than 13 years and has become one of the fastest-growing specialized IT infrastructure companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. The partner received its Cisco Enterprise Networking (EN) and Collaboration certifications in 2019. “Although we had a couple of EA certifications, we weren’t certified in the Security architecture,” recalls William Riley, managing partner at Info Solutions. “So, each time a client needed a security solution, we risked losing the business to a competitor. After bringing this challenge to Ingram Micro’s leadership team, they showed us their Empower EA program, which allows us to leverage Ingram’s Cisco Security EA credentials. It enabled us to win the Security EA sale and earn recurring revenue, and the process was just as seamless for the customer as if we were selling them a Cisco EA on our own.”
In addition to expanding its sales potential with Empower EA, Info Solutions added Ingram Micro customer adoption renewal experience (CARE) support to ensure the EA was executed successfully. “The CARE team helped Info Solutions support its customers at every stage of the software lifecycle, ensuring users were trained on all the product features they were paying for,” says Carol Wright, Cisco sr. technology consultant at Ingram Micro. “Besides providing in-person and virtual training, support and demos, our support team also regularly helps identify add-on sales opportunities after the initial sale.” As a result, from 2019 to 2021, Info Solutions’ revenue grew by over 350%.
Nicole Dziedzic, sr. vendor business manager at Ingram Micro recalls another partner success story. “One of our partners recently used Empower EA to fill a gap in their certification and was able to sell two EA’s and expand the deal to a $750,000 opportunity at a 24% cost saving versus selling a la cart,” she says. “Also, since it was a multi-year contract, they leveraged Ingram Micro’s financing, and they used our CARE team to provide Lifecycle Services offering to shorten the time to value and ensure the customer’s business outcomes are realized.”
“With our Lifecycle Services, they’re no longer overburdening their resources or skipping valuable steps, such as identifying business needs, onboarding and training and ensuring adoption is happening. Partners can leverage Ingram Micro’s expertise to ensure the value is delivered post sales and with the partner’s resources. Customer experience is becoming increasingly important in our industry, and Ingram wants to ensure we have services to help our partners deliver this value to their customers.”
For more information about Empower EA or our CARE team, contact your Ingram Micro account rep or email empowerea@ingrammicro.com or CiscoCX@ingrammicro.com