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Cisco Concierge, a new flexible option for your presales customer needs

Try this new complimentary offering from Ingram Micro's Solution Design & Services (SD&S) team today.

July 27, 2022

Cisco Concierge, a new flexible option for your presales customer needs
When engaging with Solution Design & Services (SD&S) on complex scenarios or customer consultations, Ingram Micro understands the importance of your and your customer’s time. Cisco Concierge is a new offering from Ingram Micro’s SD&S team that gives our Cisco authorized partners the flexibility to engage with our technical experts at a time convenient for you for you and other parties involved. You will be paired with a technician who can speak to your specific scenario and offer Cisco expertise on all Cisco products and services. Here’s how it works:
  1. Use our form to request a Webex meeting and select the date and time for a call (minimum 48 hours in advance) with one of our Cisco-certified technicians to discuss your solution-based or multi-architectural Cisco opportunity.
  2. During your meeting, you and your customer will get your questions answered by one of our highly trained technicians.
  3. After having your 1:1 consultation with our technician, if a build of materials is required, we will provide all deliverables to you after the meeting. You won’t need to wait for us to complete these tasks while you’re engaging with us.
  4. If a scheduling conflict arises, you can easily change the date and time of your appointment by resubmitting the request form.
  5. If you require additional assistance, our technicians can connect you with other Ingram Micro resources such as our Business Transformation Center (BTC), Cisco Business Unit, Ingram Micro CARE or Ingram Micro Financial Solutions, just to name a few.
Our SD&S staff includes over 240 associates with more than 1,900 certifications. In addition, our team boasts a high Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 78 because our team is focused on ensuring we exceed your expectations. Contact us today to see how SD&S can help with your next Cisco project and see for yourself why partners that use SD&S increase their sales by up to 65%.
Not yet a Cisco authorized partner? Don’t worry, we have a solution for that, too. Contact Ingram Micro via our Cisco CVL website, and we’ll help get you registered.
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