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Way to Grow: Capture Opportunities with Partner Technical Enablement

April 04, 2017

Way to Grow: Capture Opportunities with Partner Technical Enablement

What is it?
Having limited time and resources can hamper many solution providers’ ability and desire to learn new technologies and products. But not building new competencies can mean you risk losing profits and letting new opportunities pass you by. To help with this challenge, Ingram Micro recently created Partner Technical Enablement (PTE), a pre-sales team that educates solution partners as it works with them on client engagements.

PTE consists of 36 technology consultants and seven Ingram Micro Solution Center engineers who are certified across a wide range of manufacturers and trending IT solutions, such as hyper-converged, mobility, Internet of Things and cloud. It's designed to help solution providers capture a greater share of both traditional and emerging market opportunities by facilitating and accelerating partners’ ability to learn, innovate and grow throughout the life cycle of technology solutions.

How does it work?
PTE delivers comprehensive technical support and consulting services based on technical reference architectures, market awareness and sound sales practices. This expertise gives solution providers a competitive advantage and the ability to serve new markets and deliver new technologies at an accelerated pace.

What’s in it for me?
By leveraging PTE, partners can double or triple growth. That fast track to expansion is a direct result of working with PTE and gaining access to best practices, technical resources, insight, and risk reduction practices.

PTE works across Ingram Micro too, guiding partners to additional resources such as vertical market expertise and professional services as appropriate. By teaming up with PTE, solution providers tap into a dedicated group of technical experts who can help develop and strengthen their business, meet customer needs and achieve above-average growth. And because PTE’s offerings focus on educating partners, those solution providers become more adept at implementing, optimizing and maintaining solutions, increasing their chances for long-term success.

How can I get started?
Whether you’re looking for strategic and consultative technical business planning, guidance and best practices addressing market trends, or assistance building and strengthening technology practices—whatever your needs—PTE is ready to help you grow your business.

For more information or to get started, contact tech.enablement@ingrammicro.com.