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Trust X Alliance members partner to grow

January 29, 2017

Trust X Alliance members partner to grow

New partnerships formed within the Trust X Alliance community are helping these elite MSPs accelerate revenue growth and win more business

Every successful channel IT company finds a niche, whether it’s selling a particular technology, a service or supporting a specific vertical market. However, sometimes customers need technologies, services and vertical expertise that are outside an MSP’s wheelhouse. Rather than walking away from these deals, Ingram Micro’s Trust X Alliance members are partnering to deliver the powerhouse performance and expertise their customers need whenever and wherever.

Trust X Alliance partners Quadbridge and Groupe Access land a $100,000 deal—together

Habib Malik, vice president, Groupe Access, and Kevin Laleyan, director of growth and strategy, Quadbridge, met after representatives from their companies struck up a conversation while attending the Ingram ONE Fall 2016 event in Las Vegas. “We realized right away that we had important things in common, such as our corporate cultures, values and the way we cared about our customers, and the quality of our products and solutions,” said Malik. After establishing common ground, the two businessmen realized potential benefits their companies could gain by working together.

“The question we had to answer was how can we convince our salespeople that we can offer a better solution to our customers,” says Malik.  Step one, determined Malik and Laleyan, was to create a list of shared services detailing what each of their companies did best and presented the document to their sales teams and encouraged them to share this information with customers and prospects. “One of the first joint opportunities we worked on happened to be a company that had a very specific need for managed services along with a number of block hours for a specific project. We brought in several individuals from both companies for the customer interview and very quickly that turned into an SLA. Over the past year that customer turned into a $100,000 opportunity, and it’s ongoing.”

After closing the first deal, Malik and Laleyan continued to meet to see how they could build on what they started and before long they landed another deal that was around $60,000 in revenue. “Since exploring partnerships through Trust X Alliance, we’ve come to understand what synergy means,” says Malik. “The dictionary defines it as the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of the individual parts.” Malik said it’s the last part—“a combined effect that’s greater than the individual parts”—that other channel partners need to make note of and take action around.

Trust X Alliance partner Perspicuity touts 20% of revenue is from partnerships

Perspicuity is a U.K.-based organization focused on managed service consulting, particularly for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. In fact, this born-in-the-cloud CSP has held the title “number one Office 365 reseller to SMBs” in the U.K. for several years. When mainline railway company High Speed 1 (HS1), needed a hybrid IT solution comprising on-premises and cloud solutions, Perspicuity knew it couldn’t win the deal alone. Gower turned to his Trust X Alliance peers and found Cisco gold partners Nowcomm and ADM Computing to be the perfect fit to partner on the project.

Fast forward and not only did Perspicuity win the contract with HS1, but it’s won additional business by partnering with Trust X Alliance members. “Today, 20% of our revenue is coming from Trust X Alliance partnerships and net-new business, and we’ve only been a member for three years,” says Gower. “As we’ve been hearing at the ONE event, we have to partner—we have to partner more.”