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Top 3 accounting issues hotels struggle with (and how to solve them)

January 17, 2017

Top 3 accounting issues hotels struggle with (and how to solve them)

Every business—large or small—needs an accounting software solution that can simplify the various aspects of keeping their books in order.

Hospitality customers are no different. Here are 3 issues your hotel customers struggle with most:

1. Payroll

Unlike some businesses that may only have a few types of employees, hotels employ maintenance staff, housekeeping, pool cleaners, front desk, gift shop, restaurant, café, bar, back office, IT staff and security teams. Because of labor laws, payroll for some of these groups—especially tipped employees, such as food service workers—needs to be handled differently, causing headaches for people in the back office.

2. Scheduling

Hotels live and die on the ebb and flow of seasonal spikes in business. With the right payroll software, owners can manage their way through these uneven months and control their costs by staffing on an as-needed basis.

Ideally, a hotel's payroll software will integrate with their timecard solutions and scheduling calendar to provide an added capability to analyze productivity and identify gaps in coverage due to unexpected shifts in vacancy.

3. Inventory tracking

Hotels have a lot of beds to change, and they need to keep extra sheets, blankets and spreads on hand at all times to rotate between the rooms and the laundry service. Not to mention a healthy stock of towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo and toilet tissue, which all need to be turned on a daily basis.

If they have a restaurant, gift shop or bar, that inventory list grows exponentially larger.

As you might imagine, keeping track of all these supplies can be a real nightmare without the right software.

Can any single accounting software handle all of this?

QuickBooks can.

Featuring seamless integration with TurboTax and most point-of-sale software systems, QuickBooks can handle accounting, payments, inventory, payroll, retail, audits and more. It can even provide enhanced security features to keep all of this data safe from hackers.

So, if your hotel customers need a solution that can set up invoices to bill on a regular schedule or capture employee timecard info or print payroll checks or track inventory or simplify annual tax returns, QuickBooks can cover it.

To find out more about how you can help your hotel customers simplify their complex accounting challenges, contact your Ingram Micro sales team today. We can help answer any questions you—or your hotel customer—might have. For more information about setting up a thriving hospitality IT practice, check out this playbook