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December 08, 2017


Last month, at Fall ONE, Nuance Communications, a worldwide leader in voice and language solutions, showcased its latest PDF software: Power PDF. With its ability to quickly and easily convert, edit, annotate and share documents, Power PDF will help your customers create more efficient workflows and free them from the compromises found with some other PDF applications.

It’s easy to be a power user

It’s apparent right out of the box that Power PDF was built with the end user in mind. While some software can be difficult to learn, Power PDF utilizes the most common PDF workflows with as few clicks as possible. A Microsoft Office-style ribbon interface increases efficiency and will get your customers up to speed in no time. Need to change a PDF to a Word document? There’s a button directly on the home ribbon. Can’t find what you’re looking for? The “Find a Tool” option puts every feature at your fingertips. The toolbar is also fully customizable—arrange function panels, add and remove items, and enable or disable integrations. Your customers will find it easy to make Power PDF fit their work style or conform to their company’s best practices.  

With so many software updates, device changes and cloud changes, it can be tough to keep up, but not for Power PDF. It’s fully compatible with all PDF applications and viewers and boasts Windows 10 touch-enabled support for laptops and tablets, including the Surface. This means your customers can sign documents, handwrite text, draw freehand or get really creative with companion applications like Microsoft Drawboard PDF and then easily merge all of these documents together.

Power PDF also allows for collaboration through cloud or document-management systems, and the upgraded OCR engine now features a new proofreader, so it’s easy to correct text in a searchable PDF.

No subscription required

Power PDF is also priced right for businesses on a budget. Your customers will also love the fact that Power PDF doesn’t require a subscription, which makes it less expensive over time. Plus, it’s offered with a perpetual license. Buy it once, and they can use it forever.

Are your clients looking for more than 11 seats? There’s a simple licensing program that gets rid of seat-counting requirements and audits, so they can easily plan their budget for their PDF needs. No more limiting functionalities to certain employees or paying for unwanted features. Your customers can get the PDF solutions that are right for them.

Ready to learn more?

Power PDF is already trusted in heavily regulated industries like legal, government, healthcare, education, finance and manufacturing. If it’s safe and efficient enough for these industries, it’s ready to face tough challenges anywhere.

To learn more about the product and our partner program please visit www.americas.nuancesalestools.com.  For any additional questions, support or to get started today please contact Giugliana.Pessagno@nuance.com.