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The GPU technology that’s transforming big data

December 21, 2017

The GPU technology that’s transforming big data

At Fall ONE in Las Vegas last month, NVIDIA the leader in accelerated computing, showcased its latest GPU (graphics processing unit) technology that’s having a far-reaching impact on how today’s enterprises manage, process and utilize data.

With a deluge of information from customers, suppliers, employees and partners alike, companies of all sizes are looking for greater compute power to help them analyze and extrapolate reams of data and turn it into actionable knowledge. NVIDIA GPUs run applications and processes data 10 to 100 times faster than standard computing systems, delivering supercharged productivity and the scalability and adaptability needed for today’s data center workload demand.

NVIDIA GPU technology also provides the ability to harness capabilities like accelerated analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), graphic virtualization and virtual reality—allowing companies to gain deeper and richer insights about their businesses and the products they sell— tremendous advantages in today’s intensely competitive business environment. With the demand for these HPC capabilities steadily growing in the Fortune 1000, now’s an excellent time for resellers to capitalize on it.

The world's first supercomputer in a box

Among the products featured at ONE was NVIDIA DGX-1, purpose-built for deep learning and AI accelerated analytics. DGX-1 features NVIDIA Pascal-powered Tesla P100 accelerators that deliver unprecedented performance equal to 250 conventional servers. The accelerators are fully integrated with hardware, software and development tools, allowing for faster neural network training, insight and time to market.

The power of GPU extends to virtual desktops and apps

Also on display at Fall ONE was NVIDIA GRID, virtual GPU technology that allows businesses to deliver virtualized desktops and graphics acceleration capabilities to every user on any device. With it, mobile professionals and office workers alike can now enjoy a richer, more immersive user experience comparable to a physical PC—optimized for Windows, Office 2016 and other popular applications.

With over half of enterprise users today working with at least one application that requires graphics acceleration, NVIDIA GRID is a welcome addition to the world of desktop virtualization

New opportunities in today's data-driven business environment

NVIDIA GPU technology is blazing new trails in high-performance computing—giving companies and organizations in a variety of industries the ability to process and analyze more data more quickly and insightfully than ever before. With big data driving so much decision-making in the Fortune 1000 today, NVIDIA GPUs represent enormous potential for your customers—and an excellent sales opportunity for you.

To learn more, contact Ben Coley, Ingram Micro Channel Account Specialist at benjamin.coley@ingrammicro.com or (800) 456-8000, ext. 67446.