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Reinventing Talent Acquisition

December 08, 2017

Reinventing Talent Acquisition


Talent acquisition can be a challenge for businesses looking to build effective teams. Ingram Micro's Greg Hauser offers perspective on this unique discipline and some tips for doing it right. 

Q: How is Ingram Micro’s talent acquisition team able to consistently deliver the right job candidates to your business partners just in time and based on demand?
 A: Our model is set up to seamlessly manage the ebb and ­flow of job requisitions, such as when more support is needed to ramp up new manufacturers or customers. To scale, we use a blend of internal resources and external partners. We, as an organization, are responsible for delivering high-quality professional and manager-level candidates.

 We work with Ingram Micro executives and run employee referral challenges to drive active participation to source candidates, notably specialty positions. Engaged associates who love what they do are the best recruiters because they build the talent brand and applicant pool organically for us.

 Q: What’s the benefit of this strategy not only to Ingram Micro hiring managers, but also to your solution provider and manufacturer partners?
A: The frameworks and infrastructure we have in place mean we can constantly engage with potential new talent, letting them know what a great organization this is as they go through the interview process. This helps Ingram Micro adapt and respond and move to new levels. We are committed to SLAs and standards to meet the business’ demand to service solution providers and manufacturers with the best talent, with no slowdown in the face of turnover.

We can handle any scenario so that managers never realize any impact to the talent funnel that could disrupt the level of service they offer. We use behavior-based interviews to assess the talent in terms of their knowledge, experience and culture. A lot of talent that we engage comes from similar cultures and has similar experiences.

Q: Would you recommend that your channel and manufacturer partners embrace similar strategies? 
A: It depends. The model works for us because we have a high volume of position requirements, and this framework lets us source that talent at a relatively low cost. Organizations reviewing their recruiting strategies need to consider what’s going to be the most effective way to reduce their own overall cost-per-hire.

 Solution providers should look at everything from turnover rates to the number and types of positions they generally fill to how they fill them. If they typically hire only five associates a year, they may not need in-house talent acquisition specialists.

The Bottom Line

Q: What’s the big secret to talent acquisition success in today’s world?
A: Talent is everything and without it you are at a severe disadvantage. Borrow tactics from sales and marketing to be more proactive.

Q: What’s the biggest change?
A: Recruiting 2.0: In the evolution of talent acquisition, our role has shifted to become more of a trusted business advisor to find talent in a competitive market.