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Power and cooling managed services offer a powerful new revenue source

December 15, 2017

Power and cooling managed services offer a powerful new revenue source

 An improperly maintained and aging UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can fail. And when it does, it’s invariably at the worst possible time, when it’s difficult for your customers to secure capital for replacements. This puts their data and business-critical applications, not to mention their entire business operation, at risk.

Which is why, with end-of-year budget money available and planning for next year’s spending now underway, this is an ideal time to recommend a regular maintenance and service plan—to prolong the life of their UPS and ensure uptime for their infrastructure.

APC by Schneider Electric recently unveiled its new managed services program in the Advanced Solutions Pavilion at Fall ONE in Las Vegas. This comprehensive program presents an excellent opportunity for you to add power and cooling managed services to your portfolio—for a recurring source of revenue—while providing your customers a road map for addressing any potential problems with their UPS down the road.

A market with huge potential

“The new managed services program will allow strategic service providers to tap into a power management services market that is five times greater than the stand-alone UPS hardware market,” said Rob McKernan, senior vice president of global IT channels at APC by Schneider Electric.

The program offers integrations with key industry RMMs and PSAs such as AVG, ConnectWise, Kaseya, LabTech and Nimsoft. It also provides comprehensive technical support as well as pre- and post-sales training and support. No revenue minimums are required for enrollment, and financing options are available. And APC has plans to expand the program to include Internet of Things functionality in the future.

Generous incentive programs to increase your profitability

APC is kicking off the new program with an 8% discount for bundling APC Smart-UPS, network card and a 1- or 3-year extended warranty. The program also includes iRewards bonus points for managing Smart-UPS devices—no small matter given the 3 million installed base of Smart-UPS devices ready to be managed. Partners receive 2,500 points for net-new devices managed and 500 points quarterly for existing devices! APC is also extending terms through distributors to 60 days, up from 30 days, to help strategic service providers increase cash flow.

An opportunity to grab your share of a fast-growing market

The APC managed services program offers you the potential to:

  •  Develop a new source of recurring revenue by integrating the APC by Schneider Electric power and cooling into your managed services portfolio.
  • Offer your customers reliable support, including the leading remote monitoring and management solutions.
  •  Gain valuable education and training, so you can better understand how you can sell power and cooling managed services that can help you increase revenue and decrease your customers’ operational costs.
  •  Enhance your customer relationships with a more comprehensive managed services offering.

To learn more about the program—and what it can mean for your revenue potential—contact our Ingram Micro market development specialist, Dennis Brown (dennis.brown@ingrammicro.com).