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Choosing the right technology business partner

October 20, 2017

Choosing the right technology business partner



By Mickey Woods, Technology Solutions Engineer, Ingram Micro

The village store in my hometown operated on a quiet corner and was a fun meeting place for family and friends. Trendy gadgets were on sale depending on the time of year, but the shelves were always stocked with what people needed most. Years later I realized how important it was to see a familiar face when making a purchase. Money was tight back then, and at a young age I learned the value of things and to make financial decisions wisely.

Now, business partners are challenged every day to design solutions that will give their customers a competitive edge in the marketplace. And those sidewalk displays along Main Street have been replaced by machines capable of delivering unlimited buying choices in the blink of an eye.

With so many things to consider, an important first step is to align with a global technology leader that has everything you need--and the expertise to make it all work seamlessly. Confidence sells, and leveraging trusted relationships will give you a reputation among your peers for doing things right.  

While profit margins are important to any enterprise, having access to a broad base of reliable and proven technologies will help set you apart from the competition. Decision-makers should be cautious of organizations that have a narrow scope of technology influence, and keep in mind that long-term business success may depend on a diverse solution set. Strategic partnerships will help you navigate uncertainty so you can focus on what you do best: solving today’s business problems and mapping out a more predictable path forward for customers.

Advances in technology occur almost daily, and understanding how they fit into your go-to-market plan can be costly and time-consuming. As the business window of opportunity narrows, make sure to partner with an industry leader who can keep you informed and help prepare selling teams to engage customers when the time is right. Scheduling executive visits to demonstration areas will help explain the synergies between complementary technologies and become a compelling reason to include you in future projects.

In his book The World Is Flat, Thomas L. Friedman postulated that the convergence of technology has allowed globalization of manufacturing and logistics. As a result, choosing a global technology leader who can introduce you to new markets will be critical to the future success of your company.

The corner store isn’t what it used to be. But working with a trusted business partner can save you money and some steps along the way. So when you shop, choose and spend wisely--and make sure you enjoy the view.