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Looking to simplify software-licensing renewals?

Take a close look at the new features of RenewVue

October 05, 2020

Looking to simplify software-licensing renewals?
Ingram Micro’s reseller partners want to simplify license renewals management.
And that’s just what RenewVue delivers.
Place your initial order with Ingram Micro and all future renewals are automatically managed. RenewVue provides a seamless, automated approach to end-to-end renewal management. If you’re an Ingram Micro reseller with U.S. web credentials, you have access to this platform, which offers 360-degree views of all upcoming renewal opportunities—an invaluable resource if you’re looking to speed up and grow your licensing business.

Features of RenewVue:

  • NEW—The ability to see and open your renewal quotes online
  • NEW—The ability to convert a renewal to an order with the click of a button
  • ENHANCED—RenewVue sends customized, branded renewal reminders/quotes to your end-user customers, on your behalf
  • Advanced notification of upcoming renewal opportunities, so you can be proactive
  • A view of your upcoming renewal opportunities (for 30, 60, 90 days or for a specific range of dates)
  • Easy filtering, which allows you to sort renewals by vendor, end users or past purchase orders
  • RenewVue offers a proactive view of your renewals pipeline across more than 80 vendors

To start streamlining software-licensing renewals and to grow your business, log on to RenewVue. Learn more at https://usa.ingrammicro.com/Site/Renewals.

Ingram Micro's new "on behalf of" feature is a game changer. We can send automated renewal reminder notices or quotes directly to your end users.

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