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Look Good, Work Great With DaaS

February 23, 2017

Look Good, Work Great With DaaS

Solution providers looking for a new year lift should check out Ingram Micro’s recently launched device-as-asubscription (DaaS) offering. Tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktops with the most advanced, up-to-date technology are now available to customers without heavy up-front costs.

“We introduced DaaS in September as a new model for companies that want the latest and greatest technology without an expensive, initial purchase,” says Melanie Delvalle, market development executive, Ingram Micro. “Customers can subscribe to the service for 12 to 24 months and have a low monthly payment. At the end of the service term, they can refresh their gear, ensuring that they always have the newest technology.”

Companies that thrive on having cutting-edge technology—and appealing to a workforce that expects a lightweight, powerful laptop and tablets that easily handle the newest apps—have been good leads for DaaS. And the subscription model is proving to be popular. Subscriptions are becoming standard fare, especially for personal devices. Having a subscription puts the latest innovations, like the slim, powerful Microsoft Surface and the highly adaptable, lightweight Lenovo Flex, into tech-loving employees’ eager hands.

Big Savings Packed With Power and Performance
 Ingram Micro DaaS includes up to a 20-percent savings off the purchase price. If a business acquires $100,000 of new equipment, for example, it would save $20,000 with the 20-percent discount and pay only $3,333 per month for two years, rather than $4,166 at full price. The minimum purchase to receive the 20-percent discount is $10,000.

Intel-powered devices from Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft are available, and customers can quickly be up and running. Solution providers can further expand sales by adding managed support services for a value-packed bundle or wrapping in Ingram Micro services.

“Let us be a resource,” says Delvalle. “We’re available to any solution provider who needs support or sales training so customers understand the benefits of a subscription model. We have collateral ready and lots of tools that ease the transition.”

For more information, call (877) 877-0035 or email financialsolutions@ingrammicro.com.