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Jumpstart App Development

June 12, 2017

Jumpstart App Development

Application development is a priority for companies looking to gain or maintain their competitive advantage. Many companies are looking to mobile apps to create new customer experiences and achieve new efficiencies, and need to accelerate time-to-market. As technologies and languages used to operate devices become more specialized, IT departments find it even more challenging to integrate the tangle of endpoints, such as mobile apps, cloud-based applications and on-premises applications.

Most companies build these interfaces individually and reactively, which makes it difficult to rapidly respond to business changes brought on by fluctuating customer, market and regulatory demands. Application development can help by providing a flexible layer between applications and technologies.

Application infrastructure and middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of the digital business. According to Gartner, the worldwide market totaled $21.5 billion in 2013, a 5.6 percent increase from 2012. Emerging opportunities such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things and mobile enablement are driving the move to custom app development. Analysts forecast the global custom application development services market to grow at a CAGR of 5.18 percent over the period of 2013–2018.

Adoption of new technologies poses formidable challenges to already-strained IT departments. Ad hoc applications are costly to develop and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The development process is complex and must address a mix of software components and technologies, changing business requirements and competing priorities. Lack of experience can add tens of thousands of dollars to development and maintenance costs.

Accelerate the Value

Organizations starting app development projects often wonder, “Where do I start? How do I find the right people for my development team?” The answers to these questions (and many other factors) go into developing applications—and assembling a development team isn’t always easy.

To help address these needs, Ingram Micro Professional Services now offers solution providers a network of experts who can assist in developing applications to improve agility, increase efficiency and support rapid innovation. For solution providers, partnering with Ingram Micro Professional Services opens the door to new verticals through application development services.

Developers can help IT departments understand their pivotal business goals and organizational culture as well as help outline the key business-use cases, end-user communities and current IT infrastructure. The discovery process enhances understanding, ensuring the creation of the exact tools necessary for supporting an effective solution encompassing several steps:

  • Alignment of the development framework to the organization’s business strategies
  • Business and technical considerations
  • Implications that different development approaches have on the final product, budget and ongoing support
  • Identification of the key participants

Once the project plan is developed with the project scope, deliverables, budget, key milestones, timeline and resources required, the actual application development can begin. The project requirements will be managed throughout the development process so that there’s a common understanding between all parties involved to ensure alignment between project objectives and the IT solution. Ultimately, this process reduces the risk of rework or project failure down the line.

Extend Your Reach

The planning, development and realization of a new application can create a powerful competitive edge for any organization. With the Ingram Micro App Dev Network, solution providers can extend reach and deliver more value to their clients by addressing the growing needs for big data applications, mobile apps for iOS and Android and migration of custom applications to modern platforms. Ingram Micro’s App Dev Network provides the understanding and tools necessary to guide organizations through this difficult decision-making process. The result is a well-defined, comprehensive strategy that maximizes the value of the client’s investment.

Deliver more value to your customers with application development services. For more information, visit www.ingrammicro.com/ptsplaybook