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New Ingram Micro order status and tracking delivers the real-time order info you need

April 20, 2021

Jump on the fast track
Placing orders at Ingram Micro is easy. Receiving your package? What a breeze! But what about that awkward waiting period where you can’t stop biting your nails and refreshing the page?
If you've ever wondered where the heck your order is, our new Ingram Micro order status and tracking self-service features are for you. Available now for stock orders shipping from an Ingram Micro warehouse and participating direct ship vendors.
What does this mean?
Self-service is the future, so for 2021 we’ve designed a roadmap to add incremental improvements to your order status experience. We want to make your life easier by providing more transparent and accurate shipment data on ingrammicro.com. 
So far, we’ve added the following features to enhance your ordering experience on the site:
  • Enriched tracking information for orders fulfilled from Ingram Micro warehouses and participating direct-ship vendors 
  • Subscribe to receive daily reporting for your orders
  • Select to receive real-time notifications for status updates on your shipments
Want to test it out? Go to ingrammicro.com today. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for upcoming features and additional vendors.


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