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Increase Your Vertical Market Expertise, Increase Your Revenue

November 13, 2017

Increase Your Vertical Market Expertise, Increase Your Revenue

Visit the HP showcase booth during the Solutions Showcase at the Fall 2015 Ingram Micro ONE event, and discover new sales opportunities in the existing markets you serve as well as opportunities in new markets.

In our last two articles, we discussed security-related challenges that businesses from every vertical face, and showed how HP is removing printers and imaging devices from cybercriminals’ crosshairs with solutions such as HP JetAdvantage Private Print, HP Access Control, HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing, and HP ePrint Enterprise. While it’s good to get a high-level perspective on the overall business climate, it is also important to understand the unique challenges within the vertical markets you serve. After all, the business drivers differ significantly from market to market, and the more you can understand and speak to your customers’ specific pain points, the more successful you will be.

Managed services provider (MSP) Acumen IT is a good example of this principle. A few years ago, the company’s customer base was a diverse mix of construction, healthcare, engineering, financial services and retail clients. More recently, however, CEO David Pence made the difficult decision to cut out a couple of less profitable verticals so that his company could focus on increasing its expertise in the ones where he saw the greatest potential, which for Acumen IT meant healthcare and financial services.

After making the decision, Pence invested resources in sales training and getting his team HIPAA- and FINRA-certified, an achievement that he says put his company in the vast minority of IT solution providers in his region. The company is already seeing a payoff and is on track this year to exceed last year’s revenue by 25 percent.

Whether you’re looking to gain more expertise in the markets you currently serve, or want to expand into new markets, HP can help. For starters, we offer imaging, printing and other complementary IT solutions that meet the needs of every major vertical market. Equally important, however, is that we offer a wide range of vertical-specific educational tools and resources that can help establish you and your organization as a trusted advisor and expert in the core markets you serve.

To learn more about how HP printers, imaging devices and other HP solutions meet the specific needs of the key verticals you serve, stop by the HP IPG showcase booth during the Solutions Showcase at the Fall 2015 Ingram Micro ONE event. See a 10-minute presentation on vertical solution selling and new print technology; plus, tell us your HP success story and you could win a $100 credit memo.