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Helping customers address the data availability challenge

February 07, 2017

Helping customers address the data availability challenge

Companies today are looking to upgrade their data centers in an effort to meet ever-increasing demands from end users—and the challenges of today’s data-intensive business environment. They want to provision their IT services faster, strengthen security and control, and lower operating costs while ensuring the “always on” availability that’s critical to success.

At the ONE event in Las Vegas last month, Veeam showcased data availability solutions—one based on Cisco and Veeam technologies and another based on HPE and Veeam technologies—that can help businesses of all sizes achieve these objectives.

The Veeam Availability Solution for Cisco UCS and the Veeam Availability Solution for HPE StoreOnce offer virtual machine backup and replication capabilities to ensure fast and reliable recovery and data protection for every virtualized application. Customers can now achieve a recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) of less than 15 minutes for their data and mission-critical applications like Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and Oracle databases—to minimize the risk of downtime and data loss should a disaster occur. Both solutions are simple to deploy and manage, and they can scale easily.

The most scalable Veeam release ever

Also on display at ONE was the new Veeam Availability Suite 9.5, which the company considers its biggest product announcement ever. Several new enterprise enhancements allow version 9.5 to scale to tens of thousands of VMs while delivering dramatically improved backup and restoring performance—including availability for virtualized datasets on the massive scale found in the largest IT enterprises.

Proven results in mission-critical environments

Veeam Availability Solutions are proving to be indispensable for companies and organizations worldwide in both the public and private sectors. Take the National Disaster Management Center (NDMC) in South Africa, for example, which coordinates disaster preparedness programs and relief services throughout the country. Before implementation of the Veeam Availability Suite, NDMC’s system-wide reporting tool—which the organization depends on to flag potential disasters—frequently failed or experienced significant delays. In addition, inadequate monitoring capabilities and limited visibility made troubleshooting difficult. Now with the Veeam Availability Solution in place, the organization enjoys 24/7 availability, not only for the critical reporting tool but for all of its applications.

Dallas-based consumer products company, Helen of Troy, employs the Veeam Availability Solution throughout its nearly 100% virtualized IT infrastructure, which consists of more than 450 VMware virtual machines spread across 23 offices and five data centers worldwide. A recent incident validated the company’s decision to implement the solution throughout the organization. When a virus affected the VM containing safety certifications for the company’s entire product line, Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery feature restored the VM from a backup in minutes.

Definitely worth a closer look

Capabilities like this offer critical advantages for your customers and major sales opportunities for you. To learn more about Veeam Availability Solutions, contact Jessica D’Amato of the Ingram Micro market development team at veeammd@ingrammicro.com.