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Good As New: Certified Pre-Owned Products

December 17, 2017

Good As New: Certified Pre-Owned Products

What is it? 
Many businesses have stopped buying new hardware because they don't need the latest performance upgrades, or their most critical business software only runs on a certain platform, and support for that platform has been suspended or discontinued. Cost-conscious customers have discovered that refurbished products deliver the best price-to-performance ratio.

To meet end customers' needs at a great price, Ingram Micro Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) products cover everything from the desktop to the data center: PCs, laptops, tablets, VoIP handsets, routers, servers and other components. All gear is thoroughly inspected and tested before refurbishing, and is backed by a one-year, full-replacement warranty. CPO products from Microsoft are handled via the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program.

With Ingram Micro CPO, you can have confidence in the products you sell, and your customers don't have to compromise on features or performance.

How does it work?
Ingram Micro partners can visit ingrammicro.com and search under the term "CPO" to find all CPO equipment, including the product name and part number. Certified Pre-Owned equipment uses the same product name and part number and is stocked inside Ingram Micro distribution centers, so its availability and your ordering experience are the same as with any other Ingram Micro product.

What's in it for me? 
Through Certified Pre-Owned, you get access to otherwise unavailable product inside Ingram Micro's catalogsomething that wasn't possible before.  You can get end-of-life products at up to a 90-percent discount, including equipment that Ingram Micro never carried originally. 

Pricing is based on what's available online, not on the competition, which is an important distinction with CPO equipment. Margins are also better on refurbished gear than new, so you come out ahead. 

How can I get started? 
Determine the needs of your customer base, and then search for CPO products in the Ingram Micro catalog. If the product you need is not in stock, Ingram Micro can act as the agent to help you deliver exactly what your customers require. It's a great deal for everyone. 

For more information, email ingramcertifiedpreowned@ingrammicro.com or go to the Certified Pre-Owned home page. You must be an Ingram Micro partner to access the catalog.