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Get Great Results With Effective Customer Surveys

July 05, 2017

Get Great Results With Effective Customer Surveys

When crafted with care, surveys can strengthen your relationship with customers and provide a reality check on how customers perceive your company. Follow these nine steps to create customer surveys that provide the insight you need to run your business better.

  1. Identify three goals you want from the survey—before writing questions. Every question should align with those goals.
  1. Keep surveys short, between five and 10 questions. If the question doesn’t produce an answer that meets your survey goals, cut it.
  1. Write both closed and open-ended questions. With the closed questions, keep the rating scales consistent to avoid confusion.
  1. Be as specific as possible and edit multiple times to ensure questions and answer options are clear. Let someone outside your group review and provide feedback.
  1. Test survey questions with a sample group to see if the questions provide the feedback you want.
  1. Include an incentive. Offering a gift card, a prize drawing or a discount can increases response rates 5 percent to 20 percent.
  1. Look for low-cost online tools to help you create your survey and track customer responses.
  1. Create a personalized thank-you page for customers who complete the survey.
  1. Time the survey to appear soon after an interaction with customers, such as a conference, sales meeting or road show. Your company will be top of mind for customers due to that recent interaction, and they will be more likely to respond.

Give your customers a voice with customer satisfaction surveys. You don’t know what they’re thinking about your business until you ask them.