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Five Ways to Extend the Life of a Webinar

June 02, 2017

Five Ways to Extend the Life of a Webinar

After you’ve captivated a webinar audience with electrifying content, what happens next? Your speaker and content were powerful in that one hour the webinar was live, but wouldn’t it be great if you could prolong your influence and generate even more leads long after it ends? Here are some best practices you can use to increase webinar ROI after the big event is over:

1. Repurpose your content. A webinar doesn’t have to live forever as a slideshow. Convert it into white papers that can be downloaded from your company website. Consistently post webinar topics on your blog and social media with links to the webinar recording. Upload clips on YouTube, Slideshare or Vimeo to maximize your reach.

2. Send a follow-up email. Contact registrants within 24 hours of the webinar with a link so they can watch and download slides of your recorded webinar on demand. Highlight special offers for the services or products you’re selling. If you had an incentive drawing during your webinar, encourage open clicks by announcing the winner in the message and subject line. And if registrants have easy access to the recording, they can share it with their teams or business partners.

3. Link and enable sharing across platforms. Make your webinar content’s presence known far and wide. In addition to providing links to the recorded webinar and slideshow, posting webinar transcripts with strong keywords also makes it easier for search-engine traffic to aim for your website. Allow registrants to easily share webinar content by adding socialmedia share buttons to the webinar page. Strategically embed your webinar content across social media platforms, partner websites, e-newsletters and blogs.

4. Use audience interaction tools. Polls, Q&As, surveys and social media should be used after, as well as during, the webinar. For example, you can use Twitter hashtags during the webinar to track down conversations after the webinar ends. Create a space on your website where people can comment and discuss. By doing so, you’ll be able to use audience input for ideas, market research or even future content creation.

5. Promote and promote. Promote archived webinars during current related webinars to get more exposure for your content. To be more strategic, send promotional emails to targeted viewers about your archived webinars based on the webinars they are currently signed up for.

To learn more about re-purposing webinar content, or how webinars can fit into your overall marketing plan, contact Agency Ingram Micro.