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FIT LIVE: The New Face of Technical Training

December 17, 2017

FIT LIVE: The New Face of Technical Training

Whiteboards and WebEx have been workhorses of technical training, but they’re not the only way. While structured learning builds a strong foundation, people are increasingly directed in their learning. Immersive learning puts you completely in the experience.

“Ingram Micro is incorporating all the ways people learn today,” says Penelope Johnson, design and development manager, Global Training Services, Ingram Micro. “We’ve created Flexible, Integrated Training LIVE—or FIT LIVE—as a catalyst. The FIT LIVE platform is engaging and interactive.”

Ingram Micro FIT LIVE is a radically new way to learn about technical solutions. Instead of being confi ned to a stuffy classroom, you can virtually sit in a lecture hall, visit a breakout room or network with your peers on the beach.

FIT LIVE uses principles from video game design to motivate students. When you register for a class, your first task is to navigate a maze, where you learn how to participate and interact through your avatar. You walk to class, where you might watch an instructor on live video, do self-directed study or work on an assignment with your classmates. Just like in the real world, you can see and speak with the instructor and other students, check your homework assignments and take tests to assess your progress. Instructors can measure the engagement and learning progress of their students. There’s no sleeping in the back of this classroom.

FIT LIVE launches in the fi rst quarter of 2016, and Veeam is among the first manufacturer partners. “After Ingram Micro performed a demo of our FIT Live environment, we immediately recognized a unique and engaging way to create and turn a virtual experience into a realistic impression of the training in progress,” says Jim Tedesco, SVP sales, North America, Veeam. “Within a few minutes, one feels immersed into a real-life training environment while having fun. Paying attention is key in training and leveraging this gamification strategy gives us a pulse on what is resonating with the partner.”

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