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Direct Express to Closing More Deals

October 12, 2017

Direct Express to Closing More Deals

With a good credit record and a substantial project on the line for a major city, Long Island, N.Y.-based QnA Tech sought financing options to close a nearly $750,000 deal. Not only was the project more than three times larger than the solution provider’s average, several million dollars in future opportunities were also at stake.

Fortunately, a new Ingram Micro Financial Services (IMFS) program called Direct Express Alternate Financing was there to help. Designed to supply flexibility for tackling large business deals, Direct Express supplements a regular Ingram Micro credit line. This enables solution providers to finance their day-to-day operations and win significant new business.

“Our manufacturer partners were pushing us in various financing directions,” recalls Keith McAvoy, director of corporate strategy for the Long Island City, N.Y.-based QnA. “But we wanted more than just credit.”

According to McAvoy, his firm sought a distribution partner that genuinely understood its business and supported its growth goals. When QnA officials contacted Ingram Micro in early 2015, good things happened fast. QnA received a dedicated account representative who introduced the firm to IMFS. “We were pleased that Ingram Micro clearly recognized our potential,” McAvoy says.

After completing the necessary disclosures, QnA immediately leveraged Direct Express to close the deal. “Previously, we couldn’t have closed the deal without crippling our business,” says McAvoy. “With Ingram Micro’s help, we established we could handle the municipality’s needs.”

That success led to peer referrals, both within the city’s approximately 125 agencies and more broadly. “It was like gaining 125 new customers,” McAvoy says. “And, it opened doors to other state and local governments, as well as enterprise opportunities.”

In addition, McAvoy credits Ingram Micro with helping QnA expand to its first distant location in Florida. “Now, I feel very comfortable getting on the phone with our Ingram Micro representatives to discuss a million-dollar deal,” he says. “It’s a true partnership that’s helping our business grow.”