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Check in to hospitality opportunities

February 21, 2017

Check in to hospitality opportunities

The hospitality market is on the rise. A recent survey reveals that there are more than 800 new hotels under construction, and occupancy rates in U.S. hotels are also expected to remain at record levels through 2017, according to PKF Hospitality Research.

At the same time, technology has become a critical factor in helping hotels attract and retain visitors. Hotel guests want to reserve rooms online; easily pay for purchases; and access free, fast, reliable Wi-Fi anywhere in the hotel. Above all, they expect the hotel to protect their data and their personal safetyAs consumer demand grows, hotels are desperate to keep up, which means many of them are investing heavily in technology. In fact, according to a 2016 study by Hospitality Technology Magazine, 54% of American hotels plan to spend more on technology in the year ahead. Their biggest priorities include:

Mobile Engagement
In addition to general support for guests’ mobile devices, this category also can include mobile check-in; mobile room keys; and location-based offers, such as late checkout.

Payment Security
Hotels must comply with current payment standards to secure guests’ personal information and avoid exposing the business to liability. In addition to EMV-equipped credit card readers, they need PCI-compliant networks for secure transmission of credit-card data, including mobile payments. 

Data Capture/POS
Data capture/POS plays a variety of roles throughout a hotel environment, from printing information in the business center to using tablets at the front desk to scanning items and taking orders in retail shops and restaurants. Some hotels even use waterproof RFID tags to track linens, towels and other inventory.

Guest Room Technology
Durable and reliable, commercial-grade TVs in guest rooms have enhanced burn-in protection and cooling systems to help them stand up to the demands of a hospitality environment. This is also an area where mobile engagement comes into play, allowing guests to interact with their TVs via mobile devices.

Hotels need secure, reliable wireless networks for everything from free guest Wi-Fi to restricted access for hotel staff. Scalable bandwidth is a must to support mobile ordering, barcode scanning and a variety of guest devices. On the wired side, a strong network supports back-office functions, such as accounting and personnel records; handles digital signage; delivers video to rooms; and much more.

Pro AV/Digital Signage
Digital signage solutions help guests throughout their stay, from speeding up the check-in process via virtual concierge to finding their way around the hotel to locating restaurants and other amenities in the area. In hotel conference rooms, whiteboards, TVs and projectors enhance meetings by making them more interactive and collaborative.

Physical Security
Safety for both staff and guests is a high priority for hotels. Guest room key cards, badge systems for employee access control and IP video surveillance all work together to create a secure environment.

How can you take advantage of these opportunities and grow your hospitality practice? Turn to the experts at Ingram Micro. We can help you build solutions for every hospitality need from the front lobby to the back office, including guest rooms, conference rooms, shops and restaurants. Plus, we can connect you with resources to shorten your sales cycle and grow your hospitality business, such as:

  • Site assessments
  • Installation services
  • Training and certification
  • Proof-of-concept testing
  • Market development
  • Pre-sales tech support
  • Manufacturer relationships

For more information, see our full hospitality playbook  or contact Daryl Schuster