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Celebrating Technology: Building Bridges to Success

December 29, 2017

Celebrating Technology: Building Bridges to Success

By Mickey Woods, Tech Solutions Engineer, Ingram Micro

Many years ago I hosted a field trip for a co-worker from Jordan, who told me that all he wanted was to love his wife and safely raise his children. His new job responsibilities at the time required him to assume dual roles—selling and engineering—due to the limited organizational structure in his territory. He alone was responsible for the success of his business. He had no “trusted advisor” to turn to—no partner with technology expertise and influence he could leverage.

His journey was a difficult one. He faced challenges every day in extending his new-market boundaries. So how would I advise this co-worker from Jordan today on what to look for in that “trusted advisor? An important first step would be for him to choose an organization with global experience: a major player in the distribution segment that could help him position complex solutions and educate him on the risk-versus-reward paradigm as well as on finding new customers.

As billions of applications are downloaded daily, technology promises to make transparent those subtle differences in the smart devices that are central to our life experiences today. Partnering with a global leader with a proven track record and an international footprint is essential if one is looking to develop remote areas technologically and help solve business problems in underdeveloped markets.

With so much global unrest right now—in a season normally reserved for holiday celebrations—it’s important to remember that our similarities as human beings greatly outweigh our cultural, social, and political differences. And the dynamic nature of technology touches every aspect of our lives, no matter who we are, what we do, or where we come from.

Diversity is a given in the human condition, and enabling technology to bridge gaps between people—geographically and culturally—is an important goal in a world fraught with uncertainty and strife. As we head into the new year, let's strive to change the universal conversation to something more pleasant and familiar: peace on earth, and goodwill toward all.