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Belkin & Linksys: Taking advantage of new opportunities

December 02, 2017

Belkin & Linksys: Taking advantage of new opportunities

In the technology world, staying ahead of the curve is key. At Ingram Micro ONE, you definitely saw the latest and greatest in hardware, software, connectivity and much more and had the chance to learn about new opportunities in a variety of areas.

One such area full of opportunity is education—schools are eager to create student-centered, interactive experiences, and Belkin is one company that’s at the forefront of education technology.

Belkin gets an A in education.

Belkin Education is committed to making devices that complement strong teaching, blending into the classroom and making learning much easier. One example is Air Shield, a tough, protective case for Chromebooks. Students can be hard on their gear, but they can’t learn on a broken device. Air Shield protects both inside and outside, so kids can still be kids, and their computers will still be safe.

But Belkin didn’t stop with just protecting devices. They’ve created brand new classroom opportunities with the Portable Tablet Stage, a classroom tablet solution that allows students and teachers to share work in real time, directly from their tablets. 

The Portable Tablet Stage played an integral part in an innovative partnership with California State Parks. Through Tablet Stage, park rangers can interact with students remotely, just as if they were in the same room. No longer tethered to clunky devices, rangers are more mobile, and this means more fun—and more learning—for students.

Big productivity for SMB

Another opportunity is in SMB, where businesses can increase productivity by ensuring their employees have access to fast data. Belkin is capitalizing on this opportunity with their USB-C cables.

USB-C performs better than USB-A, USB-B and USB Mini-B. Why? Just a few reasons include:

  • It’s fast. It can transfer data at up to 10Gbps. That’s 20 times faster than USB 2.0.
  • It’s easy to use. No more “which way does this go?” It fits however you plug it in.
  • It’s universally compatible. USB-C works with anything that traditionally connects via USB and across operating systems.

At Belkin, all USB-C cables are designed with the Belkin difference. From inception to manufacturing, each cable goes through a rigorous design process and the highest standards of product testing.  

Getting the bandwidth back together

But Belkin isn’t the only company taking advantage of opportunities in the SMB world. With 20 years of experience, Linksys is still creating reliable business connectivity solutions. The new MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output) LAPAC2600 is the first MU-MIMO access point designed specifically for small and midsized businesses.

Faster than N and AC speeds, MU-MIMO technology provides a dedicated data stream for each connected client, cutting wait times and boosting network performance to lightning speeds. This means employees no longer have to compete for bandwidth and instead can simultaneously engage in videoconferencing, large file downloads and other data-intensive tasks with minimal to no latency issues.

Linksys and Belkin are both leaders in this technology space and work together with SMBs to keep employees connected. By pairing Belkin USB-C cables with Linksys’ MU-MIMO technology, an SMB could truly create a high-speed, intuitive work environment.

What’s up next?

In tech, you can never slow down. So, in 2017, expect more innovation from both Belkin and Linksys. Belkin Education is dedicated to continually getting new, education-focused products into the hands of more teachers and providing today’s classrooms with the best tools available.

In the SMB space, both Belkin and Linksys will add to their lineups. Currently, the Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD allows you to connect up to eight devices to your computer to take full advantage of Thunderbolt 2 data transfer speeds and 4K cinema resolution. Thunderbolt 3 is coming soon. Accessories and peripherals for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch are also on the horizon, as are intuitive infrastructure solutions for the home and office, such as Belkin’s range of phone accessories and custom-made cables.

Linksys will also continue to enable small businesses to run more efficiently. Having already anticipated the future demand of MU-MIMO, the LAPAC2600 is only the first MU-MIMO access point specifically designed for small and midsized businesses. Linksys will continue to offer MU-MIMO in a variety of products, such as routers, range extenders, USB client adapters and more. 

Do you need help setting up your workplace, classroom or conference room? Ingram Micro can help. For any additional questions, support or to get started today please don’t hesitate to reach out to Amy Young, Market Development Specialist at Amy.Young@ingrammicro.com.