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4 marketing mistakes to avoid

April 14, 2017

4 marketing mistakes to avoid

Many solution providers will admit that when it comes to marketing, they have plenty of room for improvement. Whether due to bad experiences or a lack of ROI, there’s a lot of head scratching that goes on when it comes to marketing that actually works for solution providers. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid as you look to get your marketing program working for you:

  1. Avoid: Assuming that nothing works
    Okay, let’s be clear. Maybe nothing you’ve tried has worked. Could you have chosen a better type of activity? Was the message off? There could be many reasons why things haven’t worked for you. Know that there have been plenty of successful marketing campaigns by solution providers. In a recent study conducted by Business Solutions magazine, respondents indicated that direct mail, trade show exhibition, and lunch and learn seminars were the most successful activities. Have you tried these?
  1. Avoid: Assuming that word of mouth is good enough
    Word of mouth might be how you’ve grown your business thus far, but it’s not a long-term plan for growth. If you’re serious about increasing sales, doing real marketing is the way to do it. Word of mouth is limited in reach, it’s uncontrollable, and can turn on you if you aren’t careful. One upset customer can counteract the positive word of mouth you’ve been receiving. Perhaps more importantly, word of mouth isn’t something you can count on like a good professional marketing campaign.
  2. Avoid: Assuming you can’t afford to market
    If you absolutely can’t afford marketing, there are still actions you can take. Apart from free activities such as your web site content and social media, there might be marketing development funds available to you from your vendor and distributor partners. The Business Solutions survey revealed that nearly half of the respondents don’t use or only partially use the funds available to them. Not only is this free money, but, you can also lean on the expertise of your vendor and distributor partners who have valuable experience in making their dollars work. Remember, for them, it’s an investment in making you more successful. Take advantage!
  3. Avoid: Putting it off
    If you haven’t made time for marketing yet, you won’t get to it unless you make a concerted effort. With the level of competition in the industry, you need to take every opportunity to improve your business and bring on new customers. Don’t wait; start today.

Still feeling like you don’t know how to begin a successful marketing campaign? Give your Ingram Micro rep a call and talk about it. Ingram Micro has programs and services available to help get you started, as well as the experience and knowledge to greatly reduce your learning curve.