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The digital building trend

How smart building automation and Panduit technology are changing facilities management

January 29, 2020

The digital building trend
Businesses today are discovering the advantages of having a digital building enabled by IoT technology. This is a facility where all of the devices and systems—video cameras, lighting and environmental sensors, wireless-access points, security devices, LED lighting and more—are interconnected via an IP network infrastructure. The connected devices all coordinate with control systems, applications and analytics to collect data and provide valuable insight into energy usage, occupancy and other building conditions.
The result is a more cost- and energy-efficient facility, where sensor-driven devices can automate a variety of functions—from turning on the lights to sending notifications when repairs are needed.
To learn more about the benefits of the digital building and some of the recent innovations from Panduit that have made it possible, download our whitepaper, The digital building: The advantages of smart building automation for today’s enterprises. And if you’d like to discuss how to help your customers implement a digital building, contact your Ingram Micro Panduit sales representative.