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Summer travel checklist

June 25, 2018

Summer travel checklist

Summer is prime time for personal as well as business travel—and staying connected is a must. Yet with so many mobile gadgets and devices available, it can be tough to know what to grab and what to leave behind.

Packing for a trip should be about gathering up the essentials, not filling a suitcase with every mobile device, cord and plug you own. Too much baggage will weigh you down, and if traveling by plane, those multiple (or heavy) bags can get expensive. Instead of overpacking with items you may need “just in case,” here’s a handy travel checklist that can help your customers (and you) be more selective and downsize your list of necessities.

10 travel electronics that should be on every trip  

 Smartphone: Just like when you’re at home or in the office, it’s always smart to have your smartphone by your side. It’s a map, phone, camera and unlimited source of information. And with thousands of apps available, your smartphone can even serve as your tour guide, currency exchange advisor, restaurant finder and translator.

Laptop: If you’re working while traveling, this item is a must. Smartphones can do a lot, but there are certain tasks that are better served—and more swiftly accomplished—with a larger screen, keyboard, mouse. If you’re not working while traveling, you might reconsider. The extra weight and risk may not warrant dragging it around, when another device (like your smartphone) could suffice. Losing your laptop, having it stolen or damaged could ruin your trip and incur lots of costs.   

Software: If you travel with your laptop, take a minute to think about protection. Consider installing a virtual private network (VPN), an extra layer of protection to keep your passwords and personal info safe. You can also install an anti-theft app, which doesn’t cost anything unless you need to locate your property.

Tablet or e-reader: For many people, a tablet or e-reader is enough to help them stay connected to the world back home. You can use these devices to make travel arrangements, Skype with connections, and entertain yourself during downtime. You can also get a case with a built-in keyboard to make these devices function more like a makeshift laptop.

Portable external battery pack: If you use your phone a lot, losing battery life can happen quickly. Adding an external battery pack can be a life-saver. They’re small, relatively cheap and fit nicely in a purse or backpack—turning any long bus or train ride into a chance for a recharge.  

Camera: Unless your main travel motivation is to shoot photography, a simple point and shoot camera is a great travel companion that won’t demand much space. If you want to scale back even more, ditch this extra device and simply rely on your smartphone camera for awesome pics on the go.

Backup: If you’re working on the road, backing up your information can be critical. After all, accidents happen and if they do, you’ll be glad you were prepared. Enlist the help of cloud storage, and for further protection, travel with an external hard drive (which you should keep separate from your laptop in case one or the other is damaged or lost).

Compact power strip: Adapters, chargers and cords are a necessary evil on any travel adventure—but you’ve got to ensure you have enough plugs to for all your devices. A compact power strip is a space-saving solution that’s also very affordable.

Headphones: Earbuds and noise cancelling headphones are both nice on long flights, but headphones can be bulky. If you’re pinched for space, investing in a good pair of earbuds can suffice, while protecting your valuable space in your carry-on.

A spirit of adventure

Okay, this one isn’t a technology, but what fun would your travels be without it? Whether you’re traveling for business or just for fun, make sure this “essential” doesn’t get left behind.

For more tips on helping your customers travel light this summer—or for a complete selection of technology solutions—contact Ingram Micro’s Business and Consumer Solutions team today.