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Power over ethernet (PoE) lighting

The benefits and critical role it plays in a digital building

February 03, 2020

Power over ethernet (PoE) lighting
The term “digital building” has replaced “smart building” to describe the convergence of smart devices that manage the day-to-day operations of facilities. New technologies now make it possible to have a single converged digital network that connects the various devices that operate building automation, HVAC, access control, lighting systems and more. This creates an exciting building internet of things (BIoT) environment that can provide significant cost savings and deliver greater efficiencies.
An integral component of the digital building is power over ethernet (PoE) lighting, which merges technological advances in low-voltage (DC) LED lighting with the latest in PoE IP networking. PoE lighting offers a host of benefits, most notably higher reliability and the ability to manage power and energy.

To learn more about PoE lighting, how it works, the technology behind it and the multiple benefits it has to offer, download the whitepaper, PoE lighting benefits and design considerations. And if you’d like to discuss how to help your customers implement a digital building, contact your Ingram Micro Panduit sales representative.