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Partnering for success in BCS

September 24, 2018

Partnering for success in BCS

How Ingram Micro can help you find a specialist in networking, security or any other technology to fill gaps in your own expertise.
When you’re a busy solution provider, you’ve got your hands full running a business, managing your teams, closing deals and finding the next ones. There’s little time to expand into new technology or service skillsets—if you care to do it at all. That’s where Ingram Micro is the ideal distribution partner.

During a recent conversation with Craig Birmingham, vice president of Business and Consumer Solutions (BCS) at Ingram Micro, we learned more about how Ingram Micro experts can provide the knowledge and experience you may not own, so you can tackle projects that were previously out of reach.

What are a few scenarios in which a partner selling business and consumer solutions might want to find a specialist?

A good example would be in the connected home. As you sell smart products into these connected environments, it’s critical that all the components work together seamlessly and communicate as they should. End users also want a centralized way to control everything from a single app. From lighting and heating to doorbells and security, everything needs to work in sync—without creating security vulnerabilities. Having a security expert review the network would be valuable. 

Security is also a huge issue in a smart connected workplace. You may be an expert in connecting all the dots and getting all the smart solutions to work together, but you may not be experienced in addressing the underlying security vulnerabilities. Cyberattacks happen every day, and there are many critical points that need to be addressed to ensure your customers are operating a safe network—above and beyond the traditional firewall. Having a security expert show up and perform a security assessment could help ensure an airtight solution and avoid potential mishaps.

At Ingram Micro, we have experts who live and breathe security and cybersecurity. Our team is a great resource to help ensure that you’re building solutions that are both effective and secure. 

How do solution providers benefit from bringing in additional expertise?

When you’re trying to gain credibility and maintain customers for life, it’s important to deliver the right solution and avoid unforeseen pitfalls. If a solution doesn’t work, customers will lose confidence and they won’t come back. Therefore, it’s critical that each solution is carefully planned and expertly executed, so it meets your customers’ needs and solidifies partner relationships. That’s where we can help.

Why is Ingram Micro the right choice for bringing resources together?

Ingram Micro has the number one tech support in the industry. We hold the most certifications and we have experts trained on each and every technology solution. We can show up onsite as part of your team, or we can do joint calls with you and your end users to talk through the solutions and ensure your customers’ needs will be met.

How do solution providers find the specialists they need?

Your first stop should always be your Ingram Micro sales representative. That’s your single point of contact. If you have a large or complex opportunity, these individuals are trained to be our “quarterbacks” who can fully navigate the situation and connect you to the right resources. That could be a market development specialist, a technology specialist, a tech support contact or even another reseller through our Ingram Micro Link community network (for possible partnership opportunities). Ingram Micro handles all the project management, which makes it easy for you.

What are the largest benefits of using outside experts?

First, it opens up new opportunities for solution providers—projects they may not have felt comfortable pursuing in the past. Secondly, it mitigates the risk of selling a technology solution that may not work as it should. 

For more information, contact your Ingram Micro sales representative today.