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Missed the BCS Connections event?

5 takeaways to help you connect and move your practice forward

April 22, 2019

Missed the BCS Connections event?
On April 2–4, more than 300 reseller partners and vendors convened in San Antonio for Ingram Micro’s annual Business and Consumer Solutions (BCS) Connections event. In short, they heard good news about performance in 2018 and also learned growth strategies to keep their businesses booming in 2019 and beyond. 
In case you missed this jam-packed event, we hope you’ll join next year. Meanwhile, we’re bringing some of the best meeting content and strategic takeaways straight to you.
5 ways you can grow your technology business in 2019
1. Think outside the box of your normal business. Ask yourself: Where do you want to take your business tomorrow? Are there opportunities that you’re not seeking today (that you should be)? Take some time to explore other technologies, especially those that are forecast to be big in the future. (If you’re not sure, ask your Ingram Micro account rep for guidance.)
2. Use your connections. Ingram Micro’s BCS team has a diverse and talented sales organization and business development team. They’re here to help guide you on your business journey. You don’t have to figure things out for yourself—or walk this road alone. Let our best-in-class teams help.
3. Gain a better understanding of all the different types of solutions Ingram Micro offers. By exploring and diversifying into new markets, you can grow your business in powerful new ways. 
4. Consider rebranding yourself and your business. Is your brand identity outdated and holding you back? The right brand narrative has the power to increase the value of your business’s product or service more than 20-fold. Ingram Micro’s creative team can help.
5. Remember all the financial options you have available. Ingram Micro offers more creative financial solutions than any distributor in the world. There’s no reason to turn down a job based on financial requirements. Connect with us to learn how to finance your next project.
The bottom line is this: Invest in your connections and be open to change. This charge was clear from Ingram Micro’s BCS Vice President and General Manager Craig Birmingham, who emphasized the need for resellers to continually “reinvent ourselves and embrace change” and to “work on connections” in all aspects of business—both with customers and vendor partners.
What attendees said about the show:
“This year’s expo had a perfect balance of training, market insights and business networking. We will be expanding into new categories, as well.” – Steve Hendley, Vice President, Walt’s TV
“I really enjoyed the BCS show, especially connecting with so many people, which happened to be one of the themes of the show! I took away a lot of things from the show but one of the most important things was how to work with millennials as they do have a lot of added value.” – Stacey Stephenson, Ingram Vendor Champion/Project Manager, Staples
“I really enjoyed the speaker Meagan Johnson – she had my attention right away and kept it! The topic on the differences in generations was fantastic!” – Michael (Bear) Hendley, Walt’s TV
Want to learn more about Ingram Micro’s BCS lineup—and how we can help you advance your business? Connect with your account representative today.