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3 game-changing large format printing offerings

February 12, 2017

3 game-changing large format printing offerings



Take advantage of more products, more authorizations and more people focused specifically on large format

Perhaps you’re already selling large format printing and looking for ways to grow. Or maybe you’re seeking a brand new revenue stream to augment your current business. Either way, Ingram Micro’s recent investments in large format printing can offer the solutions and support you need.

What’s changed? More products and the people who can help you

“Several months ago, a U.S.-based distribution company closed its doors and Ingram Micro acquired a majority of the large format sales team,” explained Mike Erwin, Executive Director, System Business, Vendor Management. “As a result, our resellers now have access to experienced sales resources who know the space, new manufacturer authorizations we never had before and a complete end-to-end solution offering for the very first time. Basically, this is a completely new category for Ingram Micro.”

In addition to a new support team and new solutions (including HP, Canon and the full Epson line), Ingram Micro offers exclusive new resources to help resellers close deals and work through the logistics.

From “show” to “go”: 3 exclusive new resources

Demo room leasing: In order to be authorized to sell most large format printers, you must have demo equipment on hand. Yet building an entire demo room can cost thousands of dollars. This represents working capital that’s tied up and unavailable for other things. With Ingram Micro’s exclusive demo room leasing offering, you have another option. You can lease your demo equipment and, after six months, use the buy-out clause to resell the product. This flat fee financing program lets you purchase new demo equipment with a payment plan for better cash flow.

Express warehousing: Resellers often want to buy products in multiple quantities to get better discounts. But the size of large format printers poses a significant challenge—where to store them. Now, they can use Ingram Micro’s unique express warehousing service to house equipment in Ingram Micro warehouses until the printers are sold and shipped to customers. Resellers can preserve their valuable warehouse space while still taking advantage of quantity discounts. 

White glove delivery service: When it’s time to deliver large format printers, resellers face another huge challenge—the logistics themselves. These solutions are extremely large and sit on pallets that can weigh up to 1,300 pounds. A standard delivery truck simply won’t do. In addition, these printers don’t fit on a typical lift gate and require 3–4 people to move. To solve this dilemma, Ingram Micro offers two different white glove delivery service options:

  • Basic white glove delivery: This involves several workers and a special delivery truck to deliver the printers in a reseller’s shipping package to their customer’s loading dock, off the truck, down through a special lift gate and into the specific place in the building. The benefit to resellers is the ability to send only one person to the end user’s location for installation only, instead of sending 3–4 people to the delivery site to handle both delivery and installation. This saves on labor and travel costs.
  • Advanced white glove delivery: If desired, resellers can choose a second delivery offering, in which Ingram Micro will ship the product on pallets to a contractor. This contractor will remove the printer from the pallet, build the support stands, attach the printer to the stands, rewrap the product for safe shipping, deliver the fully assembled product to the customer, unload it from the truck and deliver it to its final delivery point.

Meet your support team

There’s never been a better time to sell large format printing through Ingram Micro, and our new sales team can help you hit the ground running. If you’re ready to dive into big opportunities in the large format space, contact one of our team members today: