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Inside the smart office

March 26, 2017

Inside the smart office

With the rise of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses everywhere are in the midst of a massive transformation—a shift to the smart office.

According to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets, the global smart office was valued at $22 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach over $46 billion by 2023—just five years away—and will experience 12.94% annual compound growth.

Are your SMB customers interested in making their offices smarter? Do they want to improve efficiency, eliminate redundancy and optimize costs? Are you prepared to guide their journeys?

Start by learning all you can about smart office technology—what components are available today, and how they can help streamline business operations. We know that the more workplaces can integrate smart technology, the more efficient (and cost effective) they’ll be.

Move business into the future with these solutions:

Smart lighting—The right lighting can have a big impact on worker mood and productivity. It can mean the difference between a comfortable, well-lit workspace that fosters organized workflow and a dreary, uncomfortable office that workers find draining. LED lighting and wireless control systems offer the ultimate in convenience and value, reducing energy costs, creating a more comfortable office space and improving employee satisfaction. Users can even change the color and mood of the LED lights—controlling them remotely or programming them to change color and brightness throughout the day. Now that’s a bright idea.

Automated window treatments—Instead of fluorescent lights, many European offices have long used the power of natural light, which is particularly beneficial if workers are staring at a computer screen all day. Natural lighting not only offsets energy costs, it’s been shown to have a positive effect on productivity and employees’ attitudes. Smart motorized window blinds can automatically adjust to outside light, creating the ideal environment every day. On very bright days, they can dim outside light with electric window shades to make it easier on employees working on computers. Or during videoconferences and presentations, automated window treatments can block outside light for better visibility.

Advanced climate control—Cooling and heating are significant expenses for any business. But in a smart office, users can use automated thermostats to ensure the most efficient temperature control around the clock. By setting up temperature zones or managing temperatures room by room based on individual preferences or presence/proximity sensors, these workspaces manage energy costs while also maintaining comfortable office spaces. For businesses like warehouses that store food items or temperature-sensitive products, accurate climate control is critical for protecting inventory and eliminating the risk of waste. 

Smart locks and security systems—Instead of using a key for doors, smart offices can use Wi-Fi-enabled deadbolt locks, which can be accessed either by a fob or from a smartphone. Businesses can also boost security with remotely controlled lights, advanced IP surveillance cameras and automated video recording technology, enabling users to review security footage from their smartphones or tablets at their discretion. Users get real-time remote access to monitor the office 24/7, which increases peace of mind.  

Cloud printing—Using cloud print solutions, users can print anywhere and from any device, which increases mobile efficiency and convenience. They can connect as many printers as they want, share printers with others and print things at the office while they’re offsite with clients or working on the go.

Self-watering planters—Do your customers have trouble remembering when to water their plants? Smart technologies like PlantLink can send customized messages to let them know when plants need water. Others may prefer to automate the entire process with a self-watering planter like the Cubico 40, which takes all the guesswork out of maintaining live greenery.

The modern workplace is evolving right before our eyes. Fortunately, Ingram Micro offers all the biggest names in smart office technology—and the expert guidance to help you capitalize on the smart office transformation that’s in full swing today.