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Consumer technology solutions: What’s coming in 2018?

January 15, 2017

Consumer technology solutions: What’s coming in 2018?

Learn how Ingram Micro will help you boost profits in this market this year

It’s 2018, and your business is about to become “smarter” than ever. That’s because Ingram Micro’s focus on consumer technology solutions (CTS) is growing quickly—translating into big-time opportunities for both you and your customers.

During a recent conversation with Alexandra Harding, Ingram Micro’s CTS business unit leader, we learned more about the company’s CTS offerings for smart homes and offices, its plans for accelerating growth this year and what it means for solution providers like you.

Q. What do we mean by the term CTS?

CTS refers to a broad range of consumer solutions that don’t traditionally fall into the consumer electronics (CE) realm but are being adopted quickly. It includes solutions like digital health and wellness, content management, home networking and more. A few examples include smart home automation, DC/POS, robotics, pro AV, physical security, storage, networking and 3D printing—categories that are selling into this space at a rapid growth rate.

Q. Are these products only for consumers?

No. Many small businesses are equally enticed by smart devices that can help make their connected offices more comfortable, secure, convenient, energy efficient and cost effective. There are smart thermostats, power switches, power outlets, energy-generating solar window sills, multiroom audio/video fans, smart security cameras, air conditioners and locks.

Beyond smart gadgets, SMBs also need a way to connect and protect all their smart devices. This drives the sale of Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi extenders and high-speed internet, UPS battery backup and network security solutions.

Q. How is Ingram Micro growing CTS this year?

You’ll definitely see large, continued growth in the smart home/smart office space. We’re really focused on growing and diversifying our partners and portfolio in these areas. We’re also expanding solutions in peripherals, mesh networking, virtual reality, augmented reality and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. Specifically, we’re targeting vendors and technologies that have won emerging tech awards at CES and striving to bring their cutting-edge solutions into our portfolio.   

Q. What’s driving growth in this space?

In the smart home/smart office category, growing consumer popularity and education are really driving the growth here. People are starting to understand that they don’t have to have just a single brand in their homes or offices—they can have multiple brands—because these devices can work across multiple platforms. Smart hubs like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings can access and control all kinds of devices, across all platforms. Consumers and small businesses are all learning that you can own a Canary camera, a Nest thermostat and a Chamberlain garage door opener and they can all work together. 

Q. What can readers expect to learn about in 2018?

This year, our blog will cover a wide variety of topics that can help capitalize on the CTS growth trend. Among other things, we’ll offer tips on selling smart home/smart office solutions, the importance of accessories, opportunities in the gaming market, smart technologies for physical security, the hottest back-to-school solutions and how to partner with Ingram Micro for success in CTS. We’ll also be covering document imaging topics throughout the year. It’s a fantastic lineup—and we hope everyone will stay plugged in to ensure business growth this year.