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Tech resellers: Let’s configure it out—together

Ingram Micro Express Warehousing enables you to configure and store, or vice versa

July 27, 2021

Tech resellers: Let’s configure it out—together
SMBs have thrived by partnering with Ingram Micro as an extension of their business. One huge value comes with letting Ingram Micro do all the work when it comes to warehousing and configuring solutions for a reseller’s end-user clients.
So when we asked Ingram Micro’s Express Warehousing experts what they wished every reseller knew about their offerings, the response was simple and threefold:
We can configure your solutions and store them for you …
Or have us store your solutions and configure them later …
Or take advantage of a DEEP seasonal discount and store them—affordably …

Bonus tip: The Express Warehousing team also dares you to ask them how little it costs to store your products per week, per cubic foot. They think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

Paying too much for configuration?
Less steps are always better when it comes to storage, configuration and integration of tech solutions. More steps=more time and money. Ingram Micro can save you dollars and headaches compared to having multiple vendors touch your products. When our Express Warehousing team manages your storage, configuration and integration under one roof, it’s fruitful for you and your customers.

Eliminate the headaches of inventory tracking and fulfillment
Ingram Micro handles every shipping detail for you to provide stress-free inventory management. Enjoy peace of mind with our world-class fulfillment services, which eradicates the difficulties and hassles of shipping and tracking inventory on your own.

Look like the hero to your customers
Promises are dangerous in our industry, especially if you rely on multiple vendors doing multiple things to your products. Ingram Micro empowers you to do something special—promise on-time, configured products and solutions. We’ll make it happen under our huge roof—you get to be the hero.

Why Ingram Micro?
If you needed more reasons for us to be an extension of your business, here are some fun facts about Ingram Micro:


  • Support from more than 150 tech associates who hold 500+ certificates
  • 40+ technicians with over 50k hours of training completed annually
  • Access to over $1 billion dollars of inventory to store and configure
  • 3.5 million square feet of storage space with 24x7 security coverage  
Ready to configure it out together? 
For more information and pricing for Express Warehousing, connect with an expert at express_warehousing@ingrammicro.com.