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Back-to-school time is almost here

July 30, 2018

Back-to-school time is almost here

6 technologies to help students and teachers be more successful

Where did the time go? Seems like just yesterday that eager students finished their final classes and set off for a well-deserved summer break. Fast forward to today. It’s August, and that means students, teachers and administrators everywhere are gearing up for another school year.

While students are shopping for new clothes, backpacks and earbuds, school administrators are outfitting classrooms with other back-to-school essentials—the education technologies that help students AND teachers be more engaged, productive and successful.

Need to help your customers finish their back-to-school preparations? Encourage them to cover all their bases by considering all their technology options. Here are a few that shouldn’t be ignored.

6 classroom technologies that up the “smart” factor

Classroom audio systems: Growing classes and shrinking attention spans can wreak havoc on students’ engagement levels. But the right classroom audio systems ensure that all the students can hear the instructor loudly and clearly, while reducing voice strain. Choose from wall-mounted audio systems, portable amplifiers, wireless speakers, digital sound solutions and more.  

Digital projectors: Need to add clear audio and crisp images to classroom presentations? A digital projector can do the trick. Certain models can display large images from an extremely short distance, and interactive markerboard projectors eliminate the need for carts and equipment tables.

Document cameras: Sometimes, a teacher wants to use small or hard-to-see visual aids, and show them to the entire class. High-resolution document cameras can project small text, pictures, 3D objects or 2D images so everyone can see them, by transmitting them to a monitor, computer or LCD projector. 

Interactive whiteboards: In recent years, interactive whiteboards have grown dramatically in popularity. Schools are discovering that these effective tools give students (especially visual learners) the opportunity to absorb information in multiple formats, which helps increase retention, while also streamlining note-taking and encouraging greater collaboration.

Keyboards and mice: Regardless of age, today’s students rely on computer accessories like keyboards, mice and headphones to boost everyday productivity. Young students can benefit from keyboards with color-coded keys to help them learn to type; and older students may need accessories with greater functionality, including USB audio converters, USB microphones, computer headphones, keyboards and more.

Laptop storage carts: Classrooms and computer labs simply can’t function without laptop storage carts that hold and charge laptop and netbooks. There are plenty of sizes, styles and colors to choose from—plus affordable pricing that fits even the tightest school budgets.

Student response systems: When it comes to increasing participation and making lessons more engaging, these tools can do wonders. Easy-to-use student response systems and wireless classroom clickers enable students to answer questions, take quizzes and respond to class polls, so learning becomes interactive.

Whatever your customers may need, you can turn to Ingram Micro for the latest educational technology equipment from the top manufacturers in the business. For details, contact Ingram Micro’s Business and Consumer Solutions team today.