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An advanced data security solution for compliance-intensive industries

March 16, 2020

An advanced data security solution for compliance-intensive industries
Organizations in the legal and financial service industries face the constant threat of having their data compromised online, not to mention a slew of security compliance regulations that, if breached, carry hefty fines. It’s critical they ensure all their software is up to date and the latest patches have been installed.
Despite these precautions, however, certain compliance regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) present daunting challenges for these organizations. To help legal and financial service organizations address them, Trend Micro, a leader in cloud and data center security, offers advanced solutions such as its Deep Security platform.
Trend Micro Deep Security allows companies to automate security within their DevOps processes and delivers multiple XGen threat defense techniques for protecting runtime physical, virtual, cloud and container workloads. This shields servers from ransomware, network-based vulnerabilities and ensures compliance requirements regarding sensitive data are adhered to at all times.
To learn more about Trend Micro’s Deep Security platform and the data security challenges it addresses, check out Improving data security in compliance-intensive industries. You’ll see how Trend Micro can help ease the burden of compliance for your financial services and legal customers.
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