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All about audio

March 12, 2018

All about audio

How smart speakers and whole-home audio come together to form the ultimate listening experience

Superb sound is the ultimate goal for anyone who calls themselves a music lover—and a smart, whole-home audio system is a great way to enjoy that high-quality sound while also enhancing your living space. Imagine your favorite music flowing throughout every room. As you walk from the living room to the kitchen, your tunes follow—without interruption. 

While whole-home audio systems have been around for years, the rise of the smart home is making multiroom audio solutions more popular than ever. If your customers are getting excited about the idea, here are a few things you should know and share.

6 facts about smart home audio systems

  1. Achieving whole-home audio is more affordable than ever. Not long ago, whole-home audio systems were expensive and difficult to install, which means they were reserved for the very rich or electricians with side jobs as drywallers. But that’s no longer the case. With an increasing number of smart home assistants and smart speakers available, there’s a system for nearly every type of home, budget and music lover. One popular choice is the combination of Sonos speakers controlled by Alexa.
  1. Installation is easy. Gone are the days when consumers needed professional installers to construct a whole-home audio system, with intricate wiring hidden behind walls. With today’s wireless systems, installation and setup takes minutes, not days. Technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are eliminating the need for wired sound systems, or a bulky and complicated home theater receiver. Best yet, your customers can take the entire audio system with them when they move.
  1. It’s not just for audiophiles. Some people think that whole-home audio systems are only meant for gearheads who love to study the specifications of amplifiers, speakers and cables. But with the plug-and-play convenience of today’s smart wireless audio components, setup is easy, which makes these systems perfect for anyone who loves music.
  1. There’s flexibility for the whole family. Music can come from an iTunes library, an internet service like Spotify or Pandora, or from a computer or hard drive that’s attached to your home network. It’s easy to play one song in the family room and another in the kitchen or on the patio. Or play the same music throughout the whole house. Your customers can use their smartphones or tablets as remote controls, or install in-wall controls.
  1. Consumers are in full control of customization. Group smart speakers together and control them all through either a smartphone app or voice commands from a smart home hub, whether it’s Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s new HomePod or Samsung SmartThings. Consumers can also choose to play the same music through every speaker in their home, in sync, or select different tracks for different rooms to play independently.
  1. The options keep growing. The world of smart home solutions—including whole home audio systems—is extremely dynamic and changing fast. Your customers can choose their favorite speakers, hubs and brands based on how well they sound, how well they work and even how well they look with your home décor.

Got a question? Contact the Ingram Micro sales team, who can answer your questions about smart home audio components and steer you to the right solutions for your customers’ needs.