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Xerox MPS: More than just printers

October 07, 2020

Xerox MPS: More than just printers
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When you think of Xerox, you think of printers.
But there’s so much more to the managed print services provider. Not to mention, Ingram Micro partners have first dibs on all Xerox offers.
Joining Keri to discuss Xerox MPS is Xerox National Channel Account Manager, Jeremiah Dabolt. They also chat about…
  • Why your printer should have built-in security
  • How to take advantage of Xerox + Ingram Micro portal
  • How partners can grow their business with the help of MPS
  • Where tech is going in the coming year
"If you can gain more efficiency from a device that's maybe sitting at your location already... that could give your people their time back, it's hard seeing somebody say no." — Jeremiah Dabolt

There’s more to Xerox

Aside from optimized, secure printers, Xerox offers a wide array of work solutions.
Similarly to how the smartphone has evolved, so has the MPS provider and their products. You used to be only able to call and text (and maybe play Snake) on your old brick phone. Now, you can manage your investment accounts, edit videos and FaceTime your nana.
Jeremiah describes Xerox printers as “the gateway between the physical and virtual worlds.” With the help of intuitive software solutions, Xerox can streamline workflows and increase employee productivity, even from home.
What’s more? Xerox printers come with Cisco and McAfee security solutions built-in. In case you didn’t know, printers are pretty easy targets for cybercriminals. With Xerox printers, you’re not even giving scammers a chance.

Growing business with MPS

Partners can quite literally grow their businesses through managed print services, all while keeping costs down for customers.
The Xerox/Ingram Micro portal gives partners the ability to efficiently and affordably deploy MPS for their customers. Plus, since Xerox MPS uses a subscription-based pricing model, you and your customers will have low, predictable payments.
Thanks to Xerox’s breadth of offerings, you’re able to help customers find a holistic work solution—not just a printer.

Where’s technology going?

Jeremiah sees the need for collaborative and secure work solutions continuing to increase in 2021. To ensure that workforces are engaged and keeping productivity up, employers need to find the best products and ongoing services for their organizations.
Especially once teams are half in the office and half remote, there will need to be incredibly intuitive work solutions.
For more information on Xerox MPS, contact Jeremiah at jeremiahdabolt@xerox.com or visit xerox.com. To register for the portal, contact MPSOrders@ingrammicro.com.
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