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Women in leadership: a conversation with Kelly Carter and Melanie DelValle

September 21, 2021

Women in leadership: a conversation with Kelly Carter and Melanie DelValle
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On today’s show, we’re joined by two incredible guests who were recently included in CRN’s list of Women of the Channel for 2021.

Logan Lyles talks with Kelly Carter, Finance Canada CFO, and Melanie DelValle, Director of Customer Finance US, both with Ingram Micro, about:

  • Taking risks for career advancement
  • Thinking differently
  • Ingram Micro’s Women’s Forum
  • Managing relationships

Taking risks

You don’t ascend to a leadership position without taking risks. Kelly and Melanie shared the biggest risks they’ve taken in their careers.

Kelly discusses taking on the position of Finance Canada CFO and building out the financial solutions program in the US with the latter being particularly formative. “That was probably the biggest and most satisfying risk because we really took that from nothing and I put a lot of effort into understanding what our customers needed and built it from scratch,” Kelly says.

Melanie touches on returning to work for Ingram Micro after leaving to work for another company.

“That has been the most pivotal moment in my career,” Melanie says, “because I’ve had a chance to work with Kelly and build out some of the amazing financial offerings that we have today.”

Thinking differently

Both Kelly and Melanie have been singled out for their willingness and ability to bring change to the channel, which, at times, can be a tall order. To bring about that change, you have to be able to think differently.

How do they challenge themselves to do that on a consistent basis?

Kelly - Talking with people and uncovering new opportunities in the channel.

Melanie - Taking in multiple different perspectives and being genuinely curious about why things are done a certain way.

Women’s Forum

The Women’s Forum is a well-known and impactful group within the Ingram Micro community. It was formed through a grassroots effort with the goal of networking and building a support system for women in technology.

It’s a place where you can bounce ideas off of others and where you can find mentors who will help drive your career forward.

In fact, after the very first round of mentoring circles occurred, every single participant received a promotion.

“What we learned from that experience,” Kelly says, “was that there were a lot of women just afraid to raise their hand, put themselves out there, and say, ‘I want that job.’”

Managing relationships

An integral part of building your network is extending your sphere of influence.

Melanie has been able to do that organically through the relationships she has built as part of the Financial Solutions team. It’s been about building her brand, which boils down to being consistent in how you show up every day.

Another important part is managing up.

“The higher you go in your career,” Kelly says, “the more you need to manage up.”

Sharing your perspective with your boss helps them see the business in a new way.

To learn more, visit Financial Solutions.