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Why women should consider a tech career

November 02, 2022

Why women should consider a tech career
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A diverse organization is more innovative and attracts and retains better talent.
The tech field used to be distinctly male-dominated, but there’s been a purposeful shift in elevating women in the industry.
Join host Harpreet Narang and Estelle Johannes, senior director of Member Communities at CompTIA, for Coffee with Women in Tech where they dive into:
  • What companies can do to create a more inclusive culture
  • How diversity enhances the bottom line
  • Finding commonalities and aligning core values
  • The importance of continuous learning and transferable skills
 Our guest will also offer invaluable insight on how women can take their tech career to the next level.

Everyone has a different journey

Estelle studied marketing in her native Cape Town, South Africa, and worked in many different fields before accidentally falling into the tech world with an opportunity at a growing IT consultancy.
“Sales, talent, telesales, it didn’t make me grow as a person,” she admits. But her new position imparted “plenty of chances to try something new,” such as event planning and brand development.
Her experience of wearing many different hats gave Estelle the advantage of a flexible mindset and love of learning that serves her well in her role within the tech industry.
While the tech world might have been a boy’s club in the old days, she now sees many more women in leadership roles. The old ways have changed and there’s now a powerful focus on inclusion.
Listening, education and action are the keys to building a more diverse company culture.

Inclusivity matters

When people are on the hunt for their next position, one of the main considerations now is the company’s demonstrated values. Estelle warns that “you could lose great talent because you don't align with their culture, beliefs and understanding.”
Ethical organizations that are focused on sustainability and investing in a diverse workforce see more success. It’s that simple.

Genuine curiosity

Estelle states that finding commonality and celebrating differences is vital—and that the desire to help people drives the industry forward.  She believes that “giving back to society is one of many attractive advantages of being a part of the tech industry.”
In this ever-evolving environment, you have to be continuously learning. And tech isn’t just about coding or development. Cross-functional skills, grit, tenacity and the right attitude are just as useful.
For women just entering this field, she has some crucial guidance:
  • Know your worth
  • Create a strong network
  • Be a mentor
  • Take any opportunity to learn
  • Document your daily wins
 She offers one last practical tip for those seeking success in tech: “Build up your resume and condition yourself to get into good habits.”
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