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Why women should consider a career in the tech industry

September 09, 2020

Why women should consider a career in the tech industry
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Most women are getting into tech by chance rather than choice.
In this episode, Harpreet Narang sits down with Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Anaya and Director of Marketing of Ingram Micro, UK, Maria Jackson to talk about their journeys, challenges and successes throughout their long, successful careers in the tech industry. 

The topics that this group cover include:

  • Opportunities available to women in the tech industry
  • How women can start and develop their careers in tech
  • Supporting gender diversity
Where to start in technology
Whether you’re coming from PR, sales or something completely unrelated, a career in tech is still a reality. The industry is growing at a substantial rate and is part of virtually all businesses, even ones you wouldn’t typically think of.
“You’ll suddenly have a world of opportunities to drive your career.”- Maria Jackson
If you’re interested in starting a career in technology, reach out to mentors who can help you learn what to expect. Do interviews, take time to do research and find out what the experts are saying about the businesses involved. Jennifer recommends Squawk Box as a resource to consider as you get started. Don’t be afraid to just jump in!
When Jennifer first started, she knew she had to be comfortable walking into a room where she could be the only woman. Luckily things have changed with more women becoming small business owners and more women moving to leadership positions. Don’t be afraid to “sit at the table” and speak up when you’re in a room. Don’t be afraid to be part of the conversation and ask for help when you need it.
“There is a great opportunity in this industry”- Jennifer Anaya
More progress in diversity and inclusion has been made recently, especially as businesses realize there are so many advantages to having different points of view on their teams.  Technology jobs can be found where you least expect it. For example, Campbell’s Soup brought in an AI team to help them fine tune how they market to their customers and John Deere invested in cloud opportunities to help the farming industry.
Don’t doubt yourself and embrace being uncomfortable as the “youngest” or the “only woman” because you could miss out on an amazing opportunity to grow your career.
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