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Why it can pay to pigeonhole

February 09, 2023

Why it can pay to pigeonhole
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Pigeonholing has a negative connotation, but in a sea of certifications and endless choices, it can pay to have a specialty and ensure your clients receive a focused, knowledgeable experience.
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Phil Poje, CEO at Tech Orchard, to learn about his approach to specializing and delivering top-tier value across multiple verticals.
They discuss:
  • Tech Orchard’s start in the SMB Alliance
  • Why Phil angled to pigeonhole his company
  • Providing exceptional value to clients

Tech Orchard’s start in the SMB Alliance

 The SMB Alliance is a valuable resource for gathering best practices, bouncing ideas off like-minded people and general knowledge sharing.
“When I first connected with Ingram Micro, I didn't know about the SMB Alliance, and it was a couple of years into it, my account exec said, ‘have you ever heard of the SMB Alliance?’ I was getting licenses and didn't think much about it. So they introduced me to it,” Phil explains.
Through leaning into marketing and educational funds from Ingram Micro and the SMB Alliance, Tech Orchard has grown its certifications while still specializing in the VMware One Workspace.

Why Phil angled to pigeonhole his company

 Tech Orchard personnel are the brain surgeons of EUC (end-user computing) and have worked hard to become experts.
“We have purposely pigeonholed ourselves to become experts in one area,” Phil shares. “Today, we hold the highest level of certification with VMware—called the Master Service Competency Certification—and we're the only company at VMware that is focused only on EUC to hold that title.”
With a laser-focused specialty to fall back on, they can branch out into more certifications without compromising their position or risking confusing potential clients.

Providing exceptional value to clients

 Clientele within Tech Orchard cross multiple verticals and serves organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 100 companies to businesses with 25 employees or less.
“One of the most interesting things we got to work on here came from the SMB Alliance and a meeting I was at, the Ingram One event,” Phil points out. “I was introduced to Bill Blum of Alpine Business Systems because he had a client that needed some help with tablets.”
Tech Orchard not only brought this client's vision of fully stocked tablets with maps, notes and more relating to their company conference to life, they personally helped the less technologically confident guests navigate the software.
Due to their exceptional approach, that one client continues to be a source of consistent referrals.
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