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Why Cisco Has Renewed Focus on SMBs

November 15, 2019

Why Cisco Has Renewed Focus on SMBs
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On the latest episode of B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro, we discuss several reasons why Cisco has renewed its focus on the SMB segment.
Dan Stewart (Business Transformation Engineer at Cisco), Kevin Wills (Senior Solutions Sales Specialist for Cisco Meraki at Ingram Micro), and Amy Hodge (Sales Business Development Manager at Cisco) fill us in on why Cisco is making this calculated move.

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1. Standardization

Dan points out that there is a wide array of small- to mid-sized businesses and all of their needs are varied. Not to mention, all the different skill sets each organization possesses create very specific requirements for each company.
Furthermore, there is a myriad of solution options available to SMBs; it’s challenging to find the optimal one or the best combination of several. How do you know which ones have longevity?
Cisco’s cloud-based networking solution, Meraki, brings separate products together under one umbrella. The single interface makes it much easier to standardize and control your entire network.
"Cisco is a single vendor that can be involved to solve any business technology solution need." - Dan Stewart

2. Unique billing model

Subscription-based payment is the new norm and SMBs want in.
Amy explains that SMBs want the same billing models for their network solutions as enterprises receive. Pay-as-you-go models can be tricky for smaller, less holistic solution options.
Meraki, however, has the capacity to offer unique billing options to SMBs with scalability.

3. Becoming a Meraki partner is easier than ever

Kevin notes that it’s now easier than ever for an SMB to become a Cisco Meraki partner.
Plus, with the help of Ingram Micro’s Meraki Voyage program, you can become a Cisco partner and start growing your practice faster. There are just three simple steps to the Meraki Voyage program: 
  1. Set the itinerary. The first phase entails enrolling in the Meraki Voyage program, which is a short process with no fee. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a partner welcome call along with details about becoming a registered Cisco partner if you’re not yet registered.
  2. Boarding. Participants will learn to navigate the Cisco Commerce Workspace and enroll in applicable incentive programs, such as Seller Rewards, MIP (Meraki Incentive Program) or NFR (not for resale).
  3. Bon voyage. In phase 3, partners will complete Express Specialization training—SMB Express or Express Enterprise Networking (EN)—followed by taking the Express Specialization exam (Ingram Micro funded) and enrolling in additional applicable incentive programs, such as VIP and OIP.

To learn more about the Meraki Voyage program, email Kevin at kevin.wills@ingrammicro.com.