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What’s Trending in Enterprise Data Centers

October 13, 2021

What’s Trending in Enterprise Data Centers
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As enterprise customers embrace a new era of computing driven by the convergence of cloud and AI, their networking infrastructure must change to handle the sheer amount of data and traffic.
What trends are driving this paradigm shift, and how can network solutions help enterprise customers keep up with it?
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Jeff Shao, director - Ethernet Alliances, and Bill Webb, director of Ethernet Switching - Americas, both with NVIDIA, about:

  • Why NVIDIA’s GPU solutions are important for enterprise data centers
  • Changes and key trends in today’s data centers
  • What enterprise customers should do to keep up in the cloud era
  • NVIDIA’s networking solution for data centers

NVIDIA’s GPU solutions

As computing processors and storage devices have become faster and more dynamic, building a data center has become more difficult.
“There are a lot of considerations in building a data center today,” Jeff says, “interoperability between old and new devices, multi-site hybrid cloud integration, security, consumption and service models.”
This means that enterprise customers need complete end-to-end data center solutions so they can build their data centers faster, run them more efficiently and make scaling them easier—and NVIDIA’s GPU solutions can help.

Trends in today’s data centers

We are in the era of AI.
“Data center has become the new unit of computing,” Jeff says.
Today, our data centers need to:

  • Scale out to maximize infrastructure
  • Support more users and more data throughput
  • Leverage a cloud-native mindset
  • Support a multicloud environment

 “It all leads down to the software-defined data center,” Bill says.

Enterprise customers

To keep up with the rapid changes in enterprise networks, they should:

  • Consider CAPEX
  • Consider OPEX
  • Take small steps first, but set yourself up for future expansion
  • Build up the expertise, skills and infrastructure to support this model


NVIDIA provides end-to-end software-defined and hardware-accelerated networking solutions for data centers.
In order to unlock the maximum power of computing storage systems, networking needs to provide high-performance and low-latency interconnects.
“You also need to scale out easily and efficiently to facilitate data center expansion and cloud integration,” Jeff says.
That can only be accomplished with software-defined and hardware-accelerated network infrastructure. NVIDIA provides that with a complete stack of networking solutions.
To learn more, visit NVIDIA.com.
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