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What’s new with Cisco and the Ingram Micro transformation center

September 07, 2022

What’s new with Cisco and the Ingram Micro transformation center
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Functioning for over 10 years now, the main focus of the Ingram Micro business transformation center is to empower and enable customers through hands-on experiences of the technology.
In this episode, we look at some of the cutting-edge advancements that have taken place recently and the collaboration with Cisco.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Daniel Stewart, Business Transformation Center engineer at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Cisco demos available in BTC
  • The importance of the beta atmosphere
  • How Ingram Micro makes it easier and better to work with Cisco

Cisco demos available in BTC

Ingram Micro believes that one of the best ways for customers to feel empowered around new technology is to let them experience it through a hands-on approach.
At their Buffalo, New York location, “The focus has really always been to bring partners in to train our internal teams as well; by seeing the technology, putting it in action, and then really enabling ourselves through different verticals that are on display,” Daniel explains.
Across the facility, they’ve built areas for education and retail, all the way up to Esports to help people see how technology would be applied to these respective spaces.
With the recent Cisco Live event, they announced many new capabilities and technologies. The one that stands out for Daniel: The Cisco Enterprise Network Portfolio—finally bringing the Meraki and Catalyst portfolios together.
“With the investment and partnership of Cisco, we have the ability to utilize both the Catalyst and Meraki switching environments that we have so we can see more about our technology in a single interface,” Daniel says.

The importance of the beta atmosphere

Beyond the opportunity to experience these products before they’re released, Ingram Micro’s partnership with Cisco has allowed them to comment on any issue that a product might have. 
Daniel explains, “We can provide feedback on these pre-launch products, that gets taken back to Cisco so that they can help mobilize their offerings because of it. And there's been several times where we've imparted changes to the platform.”
When the product finally does launch to the public, Ingram Micro is ahead of the curve, ready to educate customers because of the time they spent with those platforms.

How Ingram Micro makes it easier and better to work with Cisco

Beyond the initial benefits of BTC, Daniel goes one step further to explain Cisco Voyage—a dedicated Cisco training platform. 
“Cisco Voyage, where we help you one-stop shop and navigate all your education needs when it comes to learning about these technologies, whether it be sales or technical,” Daniel says.
Looking to the future, Daniel is most excited about Xvantage—a revolution on how to engage with services across the board.
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