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What’s new in Intel gaming?

May 13, 2022

What’s new in Intel gaming?
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Intel has been busy. Over the past few months, the company has launched a number of components across their gaming portfolio, and today, they have updates on what else is coming.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with David Bradshaw, PC Products Distribution and Sales for Intel, about:
  • Intel’s product launches since Q4 2021
  • K series versus non-K series
  • Mobile gaming
  • Intel ARC

Product launches since Q4 2021

“It’s been a very busy time period as far as our gaming product activity is concerned,” David says.
Components Intel has released include:
  • 12th Gen K SKUs
  • 12th Gen non-K SKUs from 3 to 9
  • 12th Gen vPro SKUs for both desktop and mobile
  • 12th Gen mobile SKUs including the H SKU
  • 12th Gen mobile P and U series, as well as the vPro versions of those
  • ARC for mobile
  • 12900KS desktop CPU (the fastest gaming CPU on the market today)

K series versus non-K series

The K series SKUs are unlocked for serious DIY-ers, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only processor appropriate for gamers. In fact, non-K series processors are used by gamers just as much as the K series.
The reason for that is non-K series processors give you all the benefits of the K series, and they’re considerably cheaper. The only thing they don’t do is allow for overclocking.
“You get all the benefit and goodness of everything that 12th Gen brings to the table in terms of number of cores, the performance and efficiency cores, the ability to support DDR5 and PCle 5.0,” David says. “It’s all there in a non-K version as well.”

Mobile gaming

In recent years, mobile gaming has increased in popularity. The H series CPUs have been designed with this type of user in mind.
They are 45-watt CPUs and they carry the same benefits of the 12th Gen desktop series.
For comparison’s sake, the mobile CPU lineup contains the H series, the P series and the U series. The P and U series are the perfect solution for the corporate market, where customers are often looking for thinner and lighter devices. The H series is aimed squarely at gaming enthusiasts. It’s all about performance.

Intel ARC

Intel launched ARC for mobile a few weeks ago and has plans to launch ARC for desktop later on this year.
What makes the ARC so special? It’s a discrete graphics card that enables synergy across the Intel platform.
“We have a feature in ARC for desktop called Intel Deep Link Technology,” David says, “which is actually able to harness the power of the Intel CPU, and the GPU in this case, to really unleash new levels of performance and efficiency.”
The more you pair Intel products together, the more overall performance you gain.
“We have a great product roadmap going many years into the future that will only enhance the performance and capability of these types of devices,” he says.
Email Ken Bruce or visit Intel for more information.
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