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What’s different in data centers in 2021

August 13, 2021

What’s different in data centers in 2021
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There are significant changes occurring in the data center market and brand new opportunities to provide value in 2021.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Andrew Schmidt, Senior Business Transformation Engineer at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Current customer needs
  • Lessons learned from cloud adoption
  • What we should be doing different in terms of data center security
  • How the BTC can help

Current customer needs

Reading the latest “IT Industry Trends” article isn’t always the best way to learn about what’s new in data centers. According to Andrew, it often reflects what we hope to see happen in the industry, rather than the actual conversations that are happening.
The best way to truly put your finger on the pulse of the industry is to talk with your customers and access the resources offered by partners like Ingram Micro.

Lessons learned from cloud adoption

One thing we have learned about cloud is that it isn’t the correct solution for everyone for a variety of reasons.
The biggest is cost. Most people thought that a switch to cloud would result in reduced costs. But what many have found out is that if you move to infrastructure as a service (IaaS), without changing how you actually do things, it isn’t more cost-effective. The reality is your results depend on your context.
This relates to data centers because we’re starting to see data centers as a service. Again, people are looking for that one-size-fits-all solution. They’re looking for it in virtualization stacks. But even though you will get benefits from virtualization stacks, you’ll get far more from building a unique system tailored to your unique needs.
For partners, this is a tremendous opportunity to provide value to customers. To capitalize, you need to get more involved with your customers. Ask them what they’re trying to accomplish, and provide a la carte recommendations off of that.
It’s about drifting away from commodity computing and going toward higher-end, targeted solutions that will differentiate your offering from the competition.

Data center security

A lot of companies put cybersecurity on the back burner until something bad happens, but you need to start thinking about it as a lifestyle.
It starts with considering how you are designing for security in the data center. That means asking questions about who has administrative access and where there are potential islands of information.
It’s about establishing the right habits around data center security.

Business Transformation Center (BTC)

The BTC brings together different vendors and technologies and applies the expertise of subject matter experts to real-world use cases. If you've got a challenge or a customer with a challenge, the team has resources at the ready to help you find a tailored solution that works.
For more information, visit the Business Transformation Center or contact the BTC (BTC@ingrammicro.com).