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What sets Dell apart and the future of desktop setups

With Dell and Nerds That Care

July 01, 2022

What sets Dell apart and the future of desktop setups
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The desktop market is full of would-be contenders, but there is one who consistently rises to the top. Why?
Dell has survived as one of the most highly thought of desktop and laptop vendors for over 25 years, and that feat is not merely a result of luck.
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Don Hinkley, senior outside regional sales manager, David Pollina, account manager, and Mary O'Brien, account executive from Dell, alongside James Rocker, CEO at Nerds That Care, about:
  • What sets Dell apart from other vendors
  • Top tips for purchasing and selling equipment
  • What the future of the desktop industry looks like

What sets Dell apart from other vendors

From award-winning displays to top-notch customer service, Dell has made a name for itself as the go-to vendor across desktop and laptop providers.
They focus on the details—from monitor design to bundling systems with a wireless keyboard and mouse for convenience.
“We truly are different from any other vendor when it comes to all things desktop and laptop because we cater to the mid-tier. That's where we can make a difference, on the personal side,” David explains.
And that attention shows, not only in numbers but in consumer impact.
“We love everything Dell here. A majority of our hardware that's out in the field to our clients is Dell, and we choose that strategically,” James shares.

Top tips for purchasing and selling equipment

When you’re looking to purchase a desktop in mass quantity for an office space or otherwise, you can forget the odds and ends that go along with the main interface, namely:
  • Mouses
  • Keyboards
  • Power blocks
 The team at Dell reminds sales representatives to discuss these additional items within the sale to provide a full-service experience. A one-stop shop for all desktop needs.
“What you need to do is ask the next question, because they're gonna buy it; it's just a matter of where they're gonna buy it,” Don points out.
Ask questions, find out what else they need and present the solution.

What the future of the desktop industry looks like

The overarching theme of desktop projections comes in the form of work-from-home setups, or “work from anywhere” desktop accommodations.
The future is hybrid or entirely remote work. That could mean anywhere from a beach house in Florida to a cabin in the Smokies—anywhere with an internet connection. That’s where people are working, and that’s what the coming generation will be accustomed to.
“This is the future, and it’s not going to change,” David shares. “I see work from home being a number one priority.”
Some are more thrilled with this development than others, but the future is here and it’s looking to stay mobile.
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