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WFH solutions from Brother

May 08, 2020

WFH solutions from Brother
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Looking to update your home office to increase functionality and productivity?
You’re not alone!
Fortunately, Sr. Manager at Brother, Jennifer Smith, offers several tips for upgrading your home office on this episode of B2B Tech Talk.
She discusses:
  • A 5-step approach for setting up the optimal home office
  • Factors to consider when choosing home office solutions
  • The convenience of having all your home office devices synced with the cloud
"Cloud services are still growing in leaps and bounds. Whether you're scanning to the cloud, printing from the cloud, saving your photos on your phone to the cloud. It's still growing and it's still a really important technology." — Jennifer Smith

Setting up your home office: a 5-step approach

Home offices are the new norm. So, we might as well make them as functional as possible!
Jennifer offers 5 steps to optimize your home office space. 
  1. Choose the right chair. There’s no doubt you need the same standard of support when working from home as you do at the office. Don’t skimp on your chair, especially if you’re prone to back problems.
  2. Consider your desk clearance. The height of your desk can make a bigger difference than what you might expect. Make sure it’s at a comfortable height for typing and maintaining good posture.
  3. Elevate your electronics. Looking down at your computer monitor can be hard on your neck. Make sure the electronics you look at all day are at eye level.
  4. Think about your feet. Would it help to add a footrest to your work station? The position of your feet actually has a lot to do with your posture and spine alignment.
  5. Switch it up during the day. Even after you get your home office all situated, it’s important to remember to switch up the scenery throughout the day. Do some stretches. Try an online fitness class. Get some fresh air.
What’s just as important as your home office? The tech solutions you have in it!

Working from home solutions

Brother offers a plethora of remote work solutions, including   
It’s your one-stop shop for home office heaven.
Jennifer suggests taking 3 main factors into consideration before making any WFH purchases: 
  1. Understand the volume at which you’re printing or scanning. Can you get by with a more compact device? Or do you need something tougher?
  2. Think about the amount of space you have in your office. Maybe an all-in-one would fit better in your space than several separate machines.
  3. What features do you prefer? Brother has a wide selection of home office solutions—it can help to talk to an expert in order to find exactly what you’re looking for.
To find the best Brother WFH solutions for your home office or your customers’, connect with Solutions Sales Executive John Haberman or your local Ingram Micro representative.