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The Anywhere Workplace: Adapting to a New Working Model

June 30, 2021

The Anywhere Workplace: Adapting to a New Working Model
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In March of 2020, if you had asked companies around the world if they were ready for a total disruption to the status quo, a total move to remote work and the challenges that come with that shift, 99% of them probably would have said no.

But today, many more are jumping on board. We’ve adapted, flexed and are beginning to embrace what some are calling the “anywhere workplace.”
On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we talk with Jake Sidell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at VMware all about:
  • The move to the anywhere workplace
  • The challenges that organizations are facing with a more distributed workforce
  • Why zero trust is crucial with an anywhere workplace model
  • Why bring your own device (BYOD) makes the most sense in an anywhere workplace
  • So much more

What is the anywhere workplace?

Everything has changed.

For everyone.
Organizations and their customers and partners aren’t all working a 9–5 at a desk in an office anymore. The days of wake up, make coffee, commute to work and commute home are no more.
The new normal is the home office. The kitchen table. With kids and dogs running in and out of the Zoom screen, and papers strewn on the desk, dining room table or kitchen counter.

And for the most part, we’ve done a pretty good job of adapting to this “new normal.” But with it comes a whole new set of challenges, particularly in the security world.

From device security to VPNs to application access, the anywhere workplace has presented a whole new set of challenges that a lot of companies weren’t prepared to address a year ago.

The right tools

A distributed workforce, or an anywhere workplace, requires certain things in order to function effectively.
1. Intrinsic security
From the data center all the way to the endpoint, your network should obviously be secure all the way from the top to the bottom.
2. Virtual desktop
Getting employees the remote access they need to the virtual desktops, applications and systems necessary to do their jobs, no matter what device they’re on.
3. Bring your own device
While not every company has a BYOD policy, relying solely on corporate-owned devices, a lot of companies learned the hard way at the beginning of the pandemic that they simply didn't have enough assets to accommodate a remote workforce.

So adopting a comprehensive, secure BYOD policy is crucial for the anywhere workforce deployment.

Zero trust

On top of a distributed workforce, companies need to seriously begin to look at implementing a zero-trust mindset when it comes to access to networks, systems and applications.

Trust no connection. Verify everything. Authenticate everything.
It’s been said before that good security is obvious, but great security is invisible.
How are you and your company navigating the anywhere workplace? How can VMware help? Reach out to VMware_MD_team@ingrammicro.com for more help.